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Questions to Ask When Interviewing a New Tech Company in Cincinnati, OH

Hiring a New Tech Company In Cincinnati? Important Questions to Ask

The dawn of 2020 brings about new technology concerns. Find out if a potential tech company in  Cincinnati OH is up to speed with these pertinent interview questions.  

Perhaps you have reached a new point in business operations and you see clearly that your current technical services provider is not meeting standards or serving your business as well as it should. Interviewing new service providers is the best way to track down a company that is going to offer the most to your business, but many business owners simply go out and hire the tech company they think will work.

During an interview with a potential technological solutions provider in 2020, it is best if business owners are a little more in-depth with their questions. By using Forrester’s 2020 Technology Predictions recently published by Forbes, you can come up with some really good questions to ask. Here is a look at some of the questions modern business owners should be asking tech companies in 2020 before bringing them into their own operations.
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How will the offered IT solution support your business values?

According to predictions for the coming year, consumers are going to be ever on the search for a deeper meaning, and 55 percent of customers will actually take company values and agendas into consideration before they hand over their money. How does this have anything to do with your IT solutions? It is actually deeply intertwined. Business execs will have to work to deliver what customers want to see, but technology plays a huge role in that. The best IT solution for any company will be built around that specific company’s core values and goals.

How much does the tech company rely on automated processes?

Automation has exploded in the internet world, and automated processes are actually expected to replace more than a million cubicle-style jobs in just 2020 alone. While AI and automation are important and can be beneficial, some of the early forms of AI are not all that effective in the modern world. For example, a basic chatbot can just irritate a customer if it cannot answer basic questions appropriately. It is good if the IT service Cincinnati OH relies on AI to some extent, but not so much that it could paint your business in a negative light.

What does the tech company offer to combat 2020 concerns of cybercrime?

It has been predicted that 2020 will be a nightmare when it comes to cybercrimes like ransomware attacks and other data hostage ploys. These attacks can fall right in line with automated processes to dupe even more users than ever before. Make sure the service provider you are interviewing has a good grasp of the impending threats and is already implementing infrastructure and firewalls with other clients that are meant to thwart such attacks.

Is the tech company familiar with local and federal technology regulations?

Another one of the Forrester’s technology predictions 2020 is this:

“Regulation makes and break markets.”

Major technology-based issues are becoming more political concerns, from net neutrality and privacy to everything else. Any good IT solutions provider should be directly in-tune with all new regulations that are getting sent down the funnel from both state and local agencies. Whether it is a new state regulation on how customer data is handled or a federal regulation pertaining to how cloud-stored data is handled, the best IT service Cincinnati OH will have a plan in place for ensuring compatibility in your operation.

Talk To 4BIS.COM About Being Your Next Tech Company In Cincinnati OH

The more in-depth you are about finding the best tech company in Cincinnati OH, the more likely it will be that you end up with a company that is equipped to handle technology concerns in 2020. With a people-based approach to computer support and technology solutions, 4Bis provides support that makes sense for the modern-day business. Contact us to find out how we can help you with your growing technology concerns in the modern era.


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