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Secure Your Business with 4BIS Co-Managed IT Security Services

Is your business as future-proof as it could be? 4BIS Co-Managed IT Security Services offer tailored proactive solutions to keep it resilient against cyber threats—both now and in the future. Let’s talk security today.  

Implementing Cybersecurity-First Strategies 

78% of businesses don’t have the in-house skills to achieve their cybersecurity objectives. This deficiency isn’t necessarily due to a lack of internal IT teams. Even if they have a background in cybersecurity, some fail to upskill, leaving them ill-prepared to respond to the ever-changing threat landscape. 

Fortunately, co-managed IT security services allow you to embrace a cybersecurity-first approach without breaking the bank. 

Partner with a trusted cybersecurity provider like 4BIS to augment your existing workforce with specialized expertise and resources. Together, you can keep your security posture and compliance in check. 

How 4BIS Co-Managed IT Security Services Work 

Security operation centers (SOCs) and experienced analysts bolster 4BIS security information and event management (SIEM) solutions. This framework helps to promptly identify and address any security incidents, minimizing the risk of data breaches and other cyber threats. 

4BIS co-managed cybersecurity services include three core components: risk assessment, threat detection, and compliance. 

Risk assessment and mitigation 

We initiate a comprehensive risk assessment to identify vulnerabilities across your IT infrastructure (e.g., network devices, servers, applications, and endpoints). It’ll help us pinpoint potential weaknesses cybercriminals could exploit.  

We’ll examine your day-to-day operations to see if any sensitive data is at risk or if there are easy targets for hackers. We proactively anticipate and mitigate potential issues that could arise in the event of an attack, so they don’t affect your bottom-line. 

Continuous monitoring and threat detection  

Startups and small businesses may not have the talents and resources to implement threat detection and incident response.  

These measures require setting up advanced systems, configuring monitoring tools, analyzing security events, and responding to potential threats in real-time. 4BIS co-managed SIEM services bridge this gap by deploying advanced SIEM tools and technologies that continuously monitor your IT environment 24/7.  

We also collaborate with partner companies to expand our capabilities. If you require assistance in threat intelligence analysis or forensic investigation, for instance, we can leverage our network of partner companies to equip you with such. 

Compliance with data security regulations 

IT security services aren’t complete without achieving and maintaining compliance. However, at 4BIS, we take a security-first approach. We perfect your security measures to streamline meeting regulatory compliance. 

Many data security regulations, such as HIPAA and SEC, require businesses to implement specific security controls and measures. Validating current practices can help you meet and maintain adherence to legal standards. 

We preach security first then compliance. Having good cyber hygiene makes it easier to get into a compliance mindset. We recommend the NIST framework. Don’t wait for breaches to happen before you act. Take proactive steps with 4BIS to secure your business today.  

The 4BIS Approach to Co-Managed Cybersecurity  

Adding to our outsourced IT support and other co-managed IT services, 4BIS understands the real challenges of cybersecurity. We offer co-managed SIEM and fully managed SIEM services for more comprehensive, long-term digital security solutions. 

Cybersecurity isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. We initiate a conversation to determine what tasks your internal team is comfortable handling and what they prefer to delegate to the 4BIS IT security team. We can start on initial cleanup tasks, while they work on other areas, or vice versa.  

We provide transparent communication and regular check-ins. We meet with our clients quarterly to assess the progress of our co-managed partnership. 

Don’t leave your business’s security to chance. Reap the future-proofing and cost-saving benefits of co-managed cyber security. Contact us today to find out how we can tailor your solutions. 

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