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The Future of Your Business is in the Cloud. 4BIS.COM - Your Cloud Managed Services Experts in Cincinnati.

4BIS.Com Will Guide You To The Right Cloud Solutions

4BIS Cybersecurity & IT Support is always working to stay up to date with new, innovative ways to maximize the potential of our client’s organizations. We are proud to offer a high-value range of cloud services that can help you and your team become more efficient and productive:

UC & VoIP Phone Services:

As an experienced VoIP provider, 4BIS.COM will install and maintain the latest VoIP technology systems in your Cincinnati area office, configured to meet your team’s specific needs. Pay for the lines, features, and hardware you need today, and we can quickly scale your services up or down as your business evolves.

4BIS Private Cloud Hosting

Our team will deliver cloud computing options like private cloud hosting that work to increase your efficiency and productivity without having to risk your data in a public cloud setting.

Hosted Virtual Desktop

VMware’s virtualization solutions have proven to be game-changing technologies. The industry leader has developed security solutions, digital workspace tools, and more to modernize businesses. 4BIS.COM will help you get the most out of a slim IT budget by utilizing the cost-cutting and production-boosting benefits of virtualization technology offered by VMware.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange allows your business to utilize off-site 4BIS.COM servers that enable business processes at your office from a remote location. Thanks to the unparalleled scalability of Hosted Exchange, 4BIS.COM can design a configuration that directly suits your business needs.

Microsoft 365 Support

4BIS.COM offers Microsoft 365 support geared to address the needs of today’s businesses. Our Microsoft 365 solutions are based on a tailored approach to workflow – ensuring that you have the correct version, setup, and integration of Microsoft 365.

Hardware as a Service

Instead of purchasing your equipment outright, 4BIS.COM installs the equipment for you, and you rent it from us on an ongoing basis. If the hardware is outdated or breaks down, the responsibility for repairs or replacement falls to our team.

Take control of the cloud by contacting the 4BIS.COM team.

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Explore Our Cloud Managed Services:

VoIP phone service


Ensure your communication is heard loud and clear.

private cloud hosting


Give your data a security boost by hosting it in a private cloud.

hosted virtual desktop


Host your applications and data in the cloud and access it from any device.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange


Experience the best of Microsoft Exchange without the extra expenses.

Office 365 support


Unchain your team from their cubicles and make productivity mobile.

hardware as a service


Turn your failing hardware into a concern of the past.

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