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Information Technology (IT) plays a critical role in any productive office environment with all employees constantly online and working efficiently. Managed IT Infrastructure Services ensure that your IT systems are reliable, business processes are streamlined, and issues are prevented and solved promptly to minimize downtime. 4BIS.COM IT has a team of experienced, responsive, knowledgeable, friendly, and honest IT professionals who can expertly implement various IT solutions for businesses of all sizes.

New technology trends such as Mobile, Social, Analytics, IoT, Cloud, and Cognitive Computing are all creating new business imperatives. 4BIS.COM IT can help you adopt these Digital technologies to establish new and innovative business models, minimize time-to-market, empower your workforce, optimize business processes, and personalize customer experiences. Ultimately, aligning your IT infrastructure to your business goals is key to the success of your organization in this digital age.

Why You Need Managed IT Infrastructure Services

Traditionally, businesses have relied on Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) to provide standardized and cost-efficient IT services, enabling them to concentrate on their core business while reducing risks, improving infrastructure uptime, and accessing newer technologies. However, the rapid pace of adoption of modern technologies has transformed the expectations of businesses. As a result, MSPs must deliver much higher value by becoming trusted enablers and partners.

4BIS.COM IT’s Managed IT Infrastructure Services encompass comprehensive, integrated suite of technology services to help your business manage its distributed and Hybrid IT environment with a single point-of accountability. We leverage our proven transition process to provide reliable systems support services while keeping the criticality of operations in mind to ensure minimal impact on your operations and service levels. During Steady-State Operations, we carry out service improvement plans and initiatives alongside support for technology transformation projects.

Managed IT Infrastructure Service Offerings

Thanks to advancements in technology, we foresee a future where IT infrastructures will monitor themselves, predict and respond to business needs, and safeguard and heal themselves. 4BIS.COM IT is reinventing the foundation of managed IT infrastructure services. We understand that in today’s digital and cloud-based world, your enterprise can only perform as well as your IT infrastructure. By providing an agile and intelligent IT infrastructure, we can help you adapt to changes quickly and enable innovation and new business models.

Whether you’re launching full-tilt to the public cloud or considering a hybrid cloud approach, 4BIS.COM IT works with you to develop an IT infrastructure that suits your business needs. Besides, we can help you design and implement a cloud-ready IT infrastructure that will unlock your vision and enable unprecedented performance.

Some of the Managed IT Infrastructure services we offer include:

1: Office and Data Center Management

It’s often challenging for many businesses to keep their office and Data Center fully protected from critical hardware or software failures. With your employees leaving the office with mobile devices daily, there is a high potential for data and productivity loss. 4BIS.COM IT can help you establish a reliable and comprehensive backup service to safeguard against data loss.

2: Managed Applications

One of 4BIS.COM IT’s managed IT infrastructure services is web application hosting, which can help your company work faster and more efficiently. By migrating your IT services to lightning-fast, ultra-secure cloud servers, we can maintain customer-focused applications and databases on your business website and allow your teams to collaborate and update one another in real-time.

3: Managed Servers

Your server environment is obviously a high-value technology asset. Besides the high cost of installing and maintaining, your servers hold valuable business data that keep your business functioning daily. 4BIS.COM IT ensures that these critical assets are maintained properly to prevent disruption to your business operations. Additionally, we will match the right server architecture with your business’s growth projections to ensure you always stay ahead of the curve and leverage technology to propel your company.

4: Business Internet Support

Every business today is powered by the internet, and any downtime can significantly impact your employee productivity and customer service. 4BIS.COM IT’s managed IT infrastructure services ensure that as your business grows, you’re covered from any possible interruptions or slowdowns with Internet access. We provide affordable Internet service solutions that deliver ultra-fast speeds and uptime guarantees.

5: Network Monitoring

You need an accurate IT inventory and monitoring system to help you know how much space you have left, any systems that are about to fail, and what devices and software you own, and their specifications. It also tells you when warranties are expiring and whether or not backups are completed successfully each time. Since your IT systems run your company, casual spot-checks of your IT system’s health may not be good enough. 4BIS.COM IT’s managed IT infrastructure services leverage enterprise-class monitoring tools to stay on top of your network around the clock.

6: Hybrid Cloud & Networking

Managed IT infrastructure services can help you exploit the benefits of the public cloud while still maintaining the control you have with private cloud solutions, enabling dynamic and optimized workload placement. 4BIS.COM IT can also help you devise a clear strategy to improve network capacity and deploy new IT solutions to future-proof your network and enhance efficiency. Overall, 4BIS.COM IT’s managed IT infrastructure services will help you modernize and optimize your IT environment and boost success.

Like most companies, your IT infrastructure is probably a mix of legacy systems and modern technologies that must be maintained and secured to address your business needs. But with fast-changing technology and evolving business dynamics, deploying and maintaining your IT infrastructure in-house can keep your staff too busy to handle IT and execute innovative projects. 4BIS.COM IT’s managed IT infrastructure services help you manage and optimize your IT environment while deploying modern technologies to create an agile architecture.

4BIS.COM – Managed IT Infrastructure Services In Cincinnati

4BIS.COM IT provides exceptional managed IT infrastructure services for small- and medium-sized businesses throughout Ohio. Our team is invested in the success of your organization by ensuring your technology infrastructure puts you on the path to realizing your big-picture goals. As your trusted technology support partner and managed IT services provider, we’re your external technical support team and technology department that keeps your operations running at peak performance around the clock. Get in touch with us to schedule your consultation!

Written by James Forbis
Posted on: September 13, 2021
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