IT Companies in Cincinnati - How to Find and Hire The Best
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Important Questions to Ask When Interviewing IT Companies in Cincinnati

How To Find The Best IT Company In The Cincinnati Area

Discover the most important questions to ask an IT managed service provider in Cincinnati to ensure you’re getting the best IT services for your business.  

Are you looking for an IT managed service provider in the Cincinnati area? If so, do you know how to tell the top-tier IT tech companies in Cincinnati apart from mediocre or even sub-par services?

Tech Companies In Cincinnati

If you need IT managed services for your business, consider asking every single company you interview the following questions. They will help you select the service that will offer the best value for the money spent.

Company Policies, Tools, Features, and Services

  • Which technology companies does your firm partner with? A company needs to have plenty of options to meet its current and future needs, so be sure your IT MSP is able to offer your good deals on cutting edge hardware and software.
  • Does your IT MSP specialize in my industry? Your IT set-up plays a big role in helping you comply with industry regulations. Pick an IT managed service provider that specializes in your line of work to get the customized help you need.
  • How many IT technicians do you have on hand? A short-staffed company won’t be able to dedicate enough time to your business.
  • How much experience do your IT technicians have? Any special certifications? Are they insured?
  • Do your IT technicians receive ongoing training? New technologies are continually being developed and you want your company’s IT department to have up to date knowledge of the best IT tools for your job.
  • Does your company offer an initial, comprehensive IT assessment? A good IT managed service provider will always offer an initial assessment of a company’s IT set-up. Doing so is the best way to get to know a company’s IT needs and find ways to optimize the IT network to save a business time and money while boosting profits.
  • Are you local? Can you offer in-person assistance immediately should the need arise? Don’t work with a company that takes a day or two to come to your office if IT downtime occurs. Local companies are more likely to provide immediate help than an IT managed service provider in another city or state.


  • Does your company offer ongoing cybersecurity training for employees? Recent estimates show that a whopping 90% of breaches are caused by human error. Teaching your employees how to handle sensitive business information and potential cyberattacks is one of the best ways to protect your business.
  • What cybersecurity tools do you offer to protect my company from data breaches? Do these tools include features that enable you to detect a breach as soon as it occurs?
  • Can your IT MSP create a back-up and disaster recovery plan to suit my exact needs? Disasters are commonplace and every single business needs to have a good disaster recovery plan in place to minimize downtime should an unfortunate event occur.
  • What cybersecurity practices has your company put in place to protect my data? The Department of Homeland Security has warned IT managed service providers that they are prime targets for cybercriminals who are eager to access a treasure trove of business data from a single source.

Introducing 4Bis

4Bis is a Cincinnati-based IT managed service provider that has specialized in meeting small business IT needs since 1996. The company offers technical support, managed IT services, disaster recovery services, cloud services, cybersecurity services, and more. We stand out from the competition as we consider each client a partner and use every tool we have at our disposal to help you succeed in your line of work. Get in touch with us to learn more about our products and services or to schedule an appointment with our experienced, certified IT team at your convenience.


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    4BIS.COM, Inc is a complete IT Support and Managed IT Services Provider, Computer Reseller, Network Integrator & IT Consultant located in Cincinnati, Ohio focusing on customer satisfaction and corporate productivity. Our mission is to develop long-term partnerships with our customers and ensure they stay up-to-date with the evolution of business processes and information technology.

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