Do I Really Need A Managed IT Service Provider?

A few reasons why people who believe they don’t need a managed IT service provider for network support, security, telecommunications, and data management are wrong.  

Succeeding in business means finding and exploiting every possible advantage. Small and midsize enterprises often have the additional challenges of low resources and rampant multitasking. Entrepreneurs can get used to doing things themselves, or accepting whatever resources they can afford for internal support services. However, where technology is concerned, there is a definite advantage to outsourcing your managed IT needs.

Here are a few things small and mid-sized companies get wrong about the decision to forgo managed IT solutions.

Managed IT Services In Cincinnati

You Don’t Need Managed IT Services For IT Unless You Have Problems

Entrepreneurs often spend much of their time reactively putting out fires. Accordingly, paying for managed IT services can seem like an unnecessary expense unless you need someone to fix computer problems. The reality is, however, technology can power or hinder your business. One of the main reasons to use external IT contractors is because they have the expertise and technology-trends knowledge to help you improve your current operations. IT professionals are much more likely to know about the technology innovations in use by competitors or leaders in your field.

Managed IT firms can also help you prepare for problems outside of technology. According to FEMA, nearly 40% of all businesses never reopen after a disaster. A managed IT service organization can help you make sure your operation, data, and applications survive any catastrophe.

It Is Cheaper To Just Buy My Own Equipment

It may feel like that “one-time” purchase is better than paying monthly, but that is not always the case. First, managed IT firms generally provide scalable services. You can pay for the specific services you need, and at a level that matches your business. Also, there is a reason it is called managed “service.” Equipment like servers and data storage devices must be maintained and occasionally updated. Your entire network and technology infrastructure must be monitored in real-time to predict and respond to problems that could lead to outages.

We Can Just Use The Internet As A HelpDesk

This is technically true. With the wealth of free videos and eBooks online, you probably could conduct an internet search to find answers to anything you need. Of course, that assumes you have internet access at the time of the problem. It is also a question of effort. Running a business is hard enough, so trust a managed service provider to help you create the infrastructure your business requires and provide real-time network monitoring. That means you are less likely to have outages and recover faster when they occur.

We Can Just Deal Directly With Software And Hardware Companies

The power of Managed Services is the ability to roll all your IT services into one network. A managed service team can monitor trends and warn your company of impending cybersecurity risks. They can administer your firewall and help you develop a business continuity plan. They can help to install and maintain routers, WiFi, and Internet of Things systems. Everything you buy may work on its own, but only a professional managed services team can make sure every element of your architecture can communicate in the same language.

I Don’t Need To Outsource IT Until My Business Is Bigger

Managed service plans can help you grow your business. Your startup and early stages expenses are already significant. Using a managed service firm can provide working technology infrastructure and knowledgeable IT staff immediately without a considerable investment. Also, services can be scaled as your business grows without making repeated technology investments that may or may not meet your future needs.

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Written by James Forbis
Posted on: November 24, 2020