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How Hard Is It to Switch IT Companies? (Insights/Steps)

How To Minimize The Difficulty of Switching IT Companies

Are you looking to switch IT companies? A business life-changing event may cause the need to change IT companies. Your current provider may no longer meet your needs, or they may frustrate you. 

If you are looking for an IT support company, and you do not have an existing provider, this article may also help you. We will also provide other resources that may help you.

Switching IT companies can cause various risks to an organization. Account for these challenges to make the switch a success. 

Clients always ask 4BIS how challenging it is to change IT companies. 4BIS provides IT support and IT services. This article will help you switch IT companies with minimum IT support failure risk. 

Watch our video to discover how you can switch IT companies smoothly: 

Potential Problems You May Have When Switching IT Companies

The switch to a new IT company can expose you to several challenges. These problems may include: 

  • Service Gaps: you may not account for the time your new provider takes to be conversant with your IT infrastructure. This oversight can deny your firm IT support when you need it. For example, if you encounter any IT challenge, the new provider may not fix it. 
  • Choosing the Wrong Company: you may switch to a provider that is indifferent or worse than your current IT provider. This change may cause more frustrations. Would you want that? We are sure nobody needs more frustrations because of their IT support failures. 
  • Missing Information: the outgoing IT company may retaliate against you for the switch by deleting your data. Some providers are capable of this act.
  • Unidentified Backdoors: the outgoing IT support company has access to your network. If you do not close all backdoors, they may use them to harm your organization or get unauthorized access.

How Can You Avoid These Problems?

4BIS believes that you can avoid these risks when switching IT companies by doing two things. First, ensure that you are dealing with a good IT company. Second, you need to follow our recommended plan. These two strategies will ensure you avoid IT support failure risks when switching IT companies.

What Are the Signs of a Good IT Company?

How can you know you are dealing with a good IT company? A good IT company: 

  • Prioritizes Cybersecurity: the IT company has viable strategies and protocols that will protect your infrastructure. They keep up-to-date with cybersecurity developments, such as developing threats and protection measures. Instead of waiting for you to be victims of an attack before acting, they take steps to avoid the breaches. 
  • Provides Proactive Support: the IT company takes foresighted measures to avoid problems. You can prevent many IT challenges with resourceful IT support. The company schedules frequent maintenance, checks, and ensures all networks meet the essential standards. These actions prevent downtimes and losses. 
  • Has Active Communication Channels: you can contact the company. They have functional phone numbers, emails, or ticket support. This availability saves you from frustrations and ensures they assist you by addressing your difficulty or answering your questions.
  • Helps You Comply With Relevant Regulations: the IT company ensures you follow all the applicable IT regulations. The IT company can train your staff, inspect your protocols, or help you develop a guide to ensure compliance. These laws protect your infrastructure, and complying with them enables you to avoid penalties. 
  • Provides Tangible Results: the IT company shows you how you are enjoying the partnership. As you have limited resources, you will know the exact areas that you are leveraging IT support to have cost savings, optimize operations, and satisfy the needs of stakeholders. 
  • Plans for Disaster and Business Continuity: while you need to avoid catastrophes, planning for their occurrence limits your losses. Some crises are also unavoidable. The IT company should have measures to ensure you have minimum losses and get back to optimum operations. 
  • Offers IT Support at Affordable Rates: the company should offer services within a reasonable range of the current market rates. They should show why they charge higher fees if their fees are higher than the market average.
  • Has the Right Qualifications: ensure the IT company has the essential credentials. Its staff should have the required academic achievements and experience. If your industry requires IT support companies to have some qualifications, the new provider needs to have them. 

For example, IT support companies offering support to medical institutions need to meet or exceed HIPAA requirements. HIPAA Rules and Regulations safeguard protected health information transmitted or held in electronic devices. 

Steps You Need to Follow When Switching IT Companies

Follow these steps to switch IT companies with minimum IT support failure risks. 

  • Do not cancel services from your current provider. 
  • Get admin privileges to your data, network, or accounts. Compile a master list of all passwords and login details. 
  • Ask the new company to assess your IT infrastructure to ensure there is no backdoor into your system. 
  • Cancel IT support services from the outgoing IT company once you have IT support from the new company. 
  • Inform your staff of the changes to ensure they are aware of new protocols and other essential details. 

How 4BIS Can Help You Ensure Your Switch Is a Success

4BIS provides IT support and IT services to organizations. We strive to help you leverage IT services to achieve your goals. Our experts offer tailored solutions that help you. We provide various assistance, such as cloud solutions, managed IT services, cybersecurity solutions, and technical support. Our proactive support ensures you avoid challenges and comply with all the IT regulations. 

Click here to get in touch with us and let us help make your switch a success.  


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