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Password Protection: Outsourcing Systems Security Services

Password Protection: Outsourcing Systems Security Services

Just like large businesses, small and medium scale businesses can be targeted by cybercriminals. Small businesses are more prone to attacks than larger establishments due to the presence of insecure networks. Using a password can be an effective way of protecting your system from attacks. Let’s dig deeper into the basics of password protection and the need to outsource IT services, including password protection services.

Understanding Password Protection

Passwords are a set of characters, words, or phrases aimed at differentiating authorized users from unauthorized ones. They are one of the most secure approaches to safeguarding the integrity of data in organizations.

However, passwords are prone to security threats when mishandled. There have been cases of password hacking leading to data access by unauthorized users. That is why you need to pay attention to password management.

Password management refers to the best practices and principles that users must follow to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of passwords. Securing passwords in the digital era can be challenging. With the increase in the number of online services accessed by individuals, cybercrimes are also rising

Some of the threats to protecting passwords include:

  • Data Breach. Where confidential data and login credentials are stolen from a website database.
  • Sniffing Attack. Illegal network access steals passwords.
  • Login Spoofing. Where cybercriminals use a fake login page to collect passwords illegally.
  • Brute Attack. Automated tools are used to steal passwords, allowing attackers to access data.

How Do I Remember Passwords?

With so many sites to log into daily, it is possible to forget passwords. Here are some tips to help you build memorable and unique passwords to enhance your information security:

Use Shortcuts

Using a website’s color of its logo or name can enable you to create a secure and memorable password. For example, with Twitter, you can use TW or T as the last or first letters of your password.

Create a Unique Code

If you want to make the password harder to compromise, replace some letters with numbers or deliberately misspell some words. Since a password is a secret, no one may be bothered with checking the spelling. You could also use abbreviations or acronyms as passwords.

Develop a Tip Sheet

A tip sheet can give you some clues about your password. As such, avoid recording passwords to expose them to others. Instead of writing down a password, it is better to write a cryptic clue that is only known to you.

changing the password for password protection
Closeup of a password change process on a computer screen.

Key Cybersecurity Practices for Businesses

Cyber attacks in many businesses are caused by a lack of expertise for enhanced security, failure to update security programs, lack of employee training, and more. You can prevent your business from cyberattacks by adopting the following practices:

Use Passwords

A lot of data breaches happen due to weak, stolen, or lost passwords. Encourage your employees to use passwords consisting of numbers, letters, and symbols. Additionally, change passwords frequently.

Use Firewalls

Setting up a firewall for your business can protect your data against cyber attacks. In addition to the internal firewall, you can install an external firewall for additional protection. Encourage the employees working from home to have a firewall on their networks as well. For compliance, home networks require support and firewall software.

Train Your Employees

Training your employees about security policies and the best security practices can be essential in protecting your network. Have regular updates concerning new protocols as they emerge. Hold your employees accountable by letting them sign a document agreeing that they are aware of the laid down security policies.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Protection Services

In addition to maintaining a functional IT infrastructure, you are responsible for protecting your business against cyber attacks. If you don’t have adequate IT personnel, you can outsource services to a third party. This strategy is beneficial in the following ways:

Modern Technologies

When you outsource data protection services, you get an opportunity to use the best tools without directly investing in those tools. The IT companies are equipped with the systems and tools to ensure excellent protection.

Enhanced Security Options

Security companies can offer layered protection with extensive security procedures. For data protection, adopt risk management practices and security standards. The security professionals can guide you in meeting these requirements.


Training an internal security team can be costly and time-consuming. Investing in systems security hardware and software is also expensive. A systems security expert can let you access security services cost-effectively. You can also get shared access to tools, techniques, and knowledge of expert security professionals.

Choosing an Outsourcing Partner

After deciding to outsource IT services, and more so security services, the next thing is to look for a partner. Choosing the right company can help you to remain focused on your business and maintain your IT infrastructure.

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a partner is experience. Find out if the company you want to hire has completed other projects in the past. Communication is also an important aspect of your relationship with the company.  The team members from the company should be able to coordinate and collaborate with your team effectively.

Communication can have a big impact on the success of a business relationship with your partner. Also, ensure that the organization you want to choose has been in the market for a long time to prove its reliability. Check the number of employees the company has and whether they are expanding or shrinking.

Help Is Available

Technology advances can offer an avenue for cybercriminals to attack your systems. The Good news is that even if you don’t have the internal expertise to manage security, you can get help from the 4BIS.COM Inc team. Indeed, our professionals are committed to giving you IT support and IT security services to protect your business in Cincinnati. As you partner with us, you will enjoy peace of mind and do business with no interruptions. Call us on (513) 469-7887 to get a free quote today.


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