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IT Consulting In Cincinnati

How IT Consulting in Cincinnati Can Improve Your Business

IT consulting in Cincinnati can improve security, provide new technologies, reduce downtime, and contain costs. Contact 4BIS.COM for a customized IT Solution.  

Business owners are busy providing services and products, taking care of customers, and managing employees. Dealing with technology issues is often an area that businesses either don’t have the expertise to handle or would occupy an overwhelming amount of their time if they did. There are several specific ways that IT consulting can improve a business.

IT Consulting in Cincinnati

Improve Security

Security is one of the most critical issues organizations of all sizes and types are now facing. Many companies, especially smaller organizations, don’t have the time or expertise to devote to security issues like they should. According to Fundera, 43 percent of all cyberattacks are targeted against small businesses. They go on to state that 60 percent of small companies go out of business within six months of an attack. Experienced IT consulting can advise a business regarding the type of security they specifically need to prevent attacks and safeguard data. IT consulting can help a business do the following:

  • Assess a company’s current security status and its ability to detect and respond to different cyber attacks.
  • Suggest better security methods and create a plan for handling various attacks.
  • Provide the best strategies for securing data and following compliance regulations in the case of a data breach.

Provide New Technologies

After security, keeping up with ever-changing technology is probably the biggest challenge for many organizations. It’s not only imperative to keep up with the newest technology but to know how to use it effectively. For many companies, just keeping up with maintenance and fixing problems as they occur can keep in-house IT staff busy. IT consultants can provide a business with the latest upgrades, the newest software, and the most advanced technology. Working with an IT consulting team gives a company the benefit of the most experienced minds in the business.

Reduce Downtime

Whether it’s from a cyber-attack or an internal problem, network downtime can be catastrophic for a business. Small Business Trends points out several alarming statistics regarding downtime for a company.

  • The average employee spends 30 minutes every week, fixing PC problems.
  • Annually, a company loses 545 hours of productivity to downtime.
  • Annually, the average cost of IT downtime is $1.55 million for businesses.

An IT consulting team working solely on technology means detecting a variety of issues before they become serious problems. A proactive approach to everything from detecting malware to replacing faulty software means less downtime. Even a few hours of having a website or other aspects of the system down can mean lost productivity, lost sales, and angry customers. A professional IT service can monitor and manage the network 24/7.

Create Customized IT Solutions

What works for one company isn’t what will work for another. A customized IT plan will depend on many factors. Does a company need only information and data management, or is video and voice services part of the business plan as well? How much mobile and wireless technology a business uses will also factor into the type of customized service needed. An IT consulting team can put together a detailed IT plan that fits the needs of each business.

Contain Costs

Managing and securing technology on a variety of devices and operating systems can be expensive. The following are several expenses associated with managing IT costs.

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Hardware and Software Expenses
  • Maintenance Costs
  • Labor Costs
  • Costs Related to Technology Downtime, Cyber Security, and Data Loss

Whether a business is small, mid-size, or a large corporation, bringing in an experienced IT consulting team can more efficiently manage each of these areas and reduce overall costs.

IT Consulting In Cincinnati Provided By 4BIS.COM

4BIS.COM can provide technical support, security services, and managed IT and cloud services. They support a variety of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, nonprofit, and small businesses. They’ve been providing technical expertise in the Cincinnati area since 1996. For IT consulting Cincinnati, contact 4BIS.COM for more information regarding how they can improve your business.


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