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Internal Versus Outsourced IT (Pros & Cons)

Internal Versus Outsourced IT: Which Benefits You More?

As business environments continue to change, most firms are making tough decisions. One aspect that they need to decide is whether to outsource IT or have an in-house IT team. Limited resources imply the company has to make the right decision. A company should not make this determination without evidence to support its choice. 

Clients always ask 4BIS which setup they should use. 4BIS is a leading provider of reliable IT solutions in Cincinnati. Our specialists contributed to this article, which will help you make the right decision for your firm. 

Internal Versus Outsourced IT

Value of Both Options

An organization may value an in-house IT team because of various reasons. The department will be accessible, easy to control, and you can invest in them. You will get them without struggling when you have a problem, and their proximity makes frequent consultations possible. The organization is responsible for the recruitment of each member. You can ensure everyone in the team adds value, and you may improve the team as they are likely to be around for long. 

Another organization may outsource its IT department. This decision can be because of the benefits of getting an external IT service. These advantages include having access to experts, benefiting from the MSP experiences with other clients, and enjoying perks that come with the partnership. The external company must strive to be the best IT services provider to get clients. Your firm may benefit from this desire. 

What’s the Cost of Employing an Internal IT Department or Person?

Internal IT personnel or department may lead to various costs. The basic salary of an IT staff in the U.S. is around $40,000–85,000 per year. You may also have to pay for the following benefits:

  • Health insurance 
  • Overtime 
  • Equipment/workstation 
  • Sick days 
  • Vacation time
  • Training and development 

These expenditures may seem insignificant, but they add up and become a substantial amount. If you consider that you will have to compensate every IT employee with these perks, you realize that you are paying a lot of money for internal IT support

Limited exposure to various IT systems may also disadvantage your firm. Your employees may struggle to keep up with innovations that you may introduce to the firm’s infrastructure. Their inability to deal with these upgrades or introductions may lead to these expenses: 

  • Additional training for the new technology 
  • Hiring specialists for various tasks that your internal team cannot handle 

Besides the salary and benefits for the team, these expenditures will put a dent on your resources. 

What’s the Cost of Outsourcing Your IT Function?

MSPs provide IT services that your firm can outsource. MSPs comprise various professionals offering different services. The MSP will monitor, manage, and maintain your information technology. You will pay them a fixed rate for the package, which includes the following services:

  • Ongoing maintenance 
  • Remote monitoring 
  • Data backups 

MSP comprises the entire team that your IT infrastructure may need. Their diversity and the fact that providing IT services is their core business may ensure you get experts for your every need. You are likely to get reduced rates per user every month. MSPs have flexible plans that you can tailor to meet your needs. The higher-end plans will include complex provisions, such as business continuity and cloud services. They will only charge you for what you use.

Outsourced IT represents value for money. Besides getting lower rates than for internal IT, you will also get many benefits that include:

  • Accessible Support: external IT providers need to satisfy your needs to increase the odds of sticking with them. This desire makes them available when you need them. You will not have issues, such as after-hours or vacation, interfering with your operations because IT support is unavailable. 
  • Variety of Skills: external IT providers often deal with many clients. These customers have varying needs. The company ensures they have people from different fields to ensure they can satisfy diverse needs. Your company may benefit from this diversity. 
  • Organized Processes: external IT providers often deliver more organized processes. They have been in the industry for some time now. This exposure has enabled them to pick up several ideas that may benefit your firm. The company will also want to deliver the best service to you to keep your business. 

Need Help Choosing The Right Outsourced IT Support Solutions Provider?

4BIS is a leading provider of IT solutions for businesses in Cincinnati. We have a team of experts that strives to help our clients use technology to succeed. Our services include managed IT services, cloud managed services, technical assistance, and managed security services. Experience has helped us develop a philosophy that makes you concentrate on your core business, and you leave IT to us. 

4BIS is your reliable partner, whether you are looking to outsource an IT function, an IT project, or the entire department. We have many specialists such that working with us will give you access to their services. Our service level agreements are also flexible to ensure you get the services you need. We serve clients from various industries, including health, businesses, and schools. Our services continue to help institutions become industry leaders. 

Considering Outsourcing Your IT Support? Find The Right IT Support Solution For Your Business

Businesses struggle to choose between having internal or external IT support. The right answer for you will depend on your needs. Outsourcing IT support is a popular answer because it is cheaper, offers access to professionals, and has flexible arrangements with providers. 

4BIS can help your firm leverage outsourced IT assistance to achieve its objectives. Our commitment to offering reliable and affordable IT support services ensures we satisfy your needs. Reach out now by clicking here and let us help you enjoy outsourced IT support to reach your business goals.


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