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A Detailed Guide to Understanding Managed Services

A Detailed Guide to Understanding Managed Services

Advancement in tech is rapid and continuous, causing a gaping divide between new tech and available IT skills. According to LinkedIn, the world maybe 4.3 million short of skilled digital workers by 2030. For any business today, IT managed services may include ensuring computer hardware and software are running, troubleshooting performance issues, protecting data, and managing cloud services.

For most businesses in Cincinnati, the talents with these skills are spaced out or too expensive.  The only viable solution is to outsource these services so that the business doesn’t lag as the world moves forward.

Let’s explore what managed services entail and how they help your business.

What Are Managed Services?

Managed services providers (MSPs) take over the management of some or all of a business’s IT systems. These involve managed back-ups, firewalls, or an entire IT infrastructure. The idea is to employ the industry’s best practices to make the systems perform optimally while preventing security breaches and evening out your IT costs with an easy-to-budget monthly invoice.

Which Managed Services Do you Need?

Your IT department’s skillsets will determine how much help you need from an MSP. However, you can engage an MSP to get more polished results in the following categories.

Data Back-up and Security

Back-up is a big deal today, with companies going out of their way to keep their data safe. Ideally, IT back-up serves to keep your data as it is and initiate recoveries in case of loss, ranging from one file to an entire database.

For example, cloud computing helps companies store data off-premises, which greatly reduces the probability of firewall breaches or the loss of data.

Small and medium-sized businesses are big on saving on operational costs. But when it overrides good judgment about investing in good IT practices, it only serves to cripple the business.

According to research, most small and medium-sized businesses don’t believe they can be cybersecurity targets. This belief has cost the unlucky victims of cyber breaches reputations and businesses. MSP services are designed to prevent security breaches at an affordable rate.

On-Call IT Specialist

When a problem occurs out of nowhere during an important project, you can call in an IT specialist to handle the problem. Your MSP can either send the specialist to your location or have them work remotely to solve the issue.

IT Support Services

In today’s highly competitive world, your IT needs don’t start and stop with troubleshooting. You need consultative services to help you plan the future of your IT needs. This expert can also offer advice to your in-house team, enabling them to troubleshoot and prevent problems especially when they’re handling a new technology for the first time.

Object Storage Services

Massive data production calls for scalable, dependable, and economically viable solutions for storing data. Object storage helps store mountains of data from internet sites, in-house files, and accumulated data from word or pdf documents from years back, and any back-ups the business sees fit.

Systems Management

MSP IT systems management services include servers, apps, and network monitoring. Your MSP also offers data interpretation and measures the data to spot and correct problems before they slow down systems performance.

Virtual Chief Information Officer

CIOs are expensive even for medium-sized companies. A CIO can help you plan your business’s future; provide strategies, analyses, and a detailed plan for your IT uses and needs. Indeed, you can get these services virtually from your MSP.

Most businesses in Cincinnati are small to medium-sized. For these businesses, a virtual CIO helps them stay ahead of the competition by leveraging expert CIO advice.

Tailor-Made Managed Services

An IT professional uses a laptop to program software in a flow chart.

Every business is unique. This uniqueness is also depicted in the managed services you need. In some instances, MSPs offer packages to meet these needs. Here are some of the ways MSPs do that.


This level appeals most to businesses with enough money to hire an able IT team but want to free it up from handling daily IT functions. The MSP will take up monitoring to identify risks and advise the team to work on them. All other IT duties are left to the business’s IT department. Most businesses in Cincinnati are SMEs that need this level of MSP services.

Consultation Services

Consulting is about guidance on how to handle IT for growth and to prevent mishaps. In this case, the MSP guides the company on strategies, advises on technological changes the company should adopt, and handles planning for scaling up IT resources to match a scaling of business operations.

Complete Outsourcing

This service is offered by an MSP with more than just basic IT system services. They handle strategy and planning functions performed by CIOs.

Under this package, businesses don’t concern themselves with any IT duties.

Cloud Services

Some MSPs solely offer cloud services. However, some offer both traditional IT services and cloud computing.

Local and National Providers

You can choose a local MSP or a national one depending on what you want. A local MSP may get to you faster when you need it. Both national and local providers have advantages and disadvantages. You need to understand how your business operates to find the best one for you.

Local has nothing to do with getting mediocre services. Most MSPs branch out in different locations to access more businesses. It’s also easier to form a long-standing relationship and get one-on-one help. Additionally, local MSPs can advise you on which services you need to align yourself with particular markets because they know them well.

However, if you choose national providers, you’re in a better position to grow outside of your town or internationally. They are experienced in operating in different markets and can give you experience-based services. However, you can’t always enjoy the relationship-oriented services local MSPs provide.

Ideally, an MSP should be innovative, offer quality services, and have long-client relationships.

Choose 4BIS.COM

At 4BIS.COM, we have a 25-year track record of using a relationship-oriented approach in providing IT solutions to our clients throughout Cincinnati. Find us here today to get any of our services and request a quote.


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