COVID-19 May Permanently Change Tech Services Businesses Cincinnati, OH
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Five Ways COVID-19 May Permanently Change Tech Services For Businesses In Cincinnati

Even after the COVID-19 pandemic ends, its lasting impacts may forever change IT operations for the future. Here is how you can prepare to compete tomorrow.  

Companies all over the world are rapidly adapting their operations so they can continue to survive and thrive in the post-COVID-19 world. Remaining competitive will mean finding a way to follow the trends and prepare your enterprise to operate in the new environment. Here are some changes companies in Cincinnati may notice with regard to IT solutions.

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Five Changes Cincinnati Computer Services May Undergo As A Result of COVID-19

Growth Of Virtual Machines

Humans love tradition by nature. Perhaps that is why so many new developments in technology are met with people saying “We’ve done it this way for decades.” For many organizations, the traditional server tower, data center, and networking connections are still fundamental to their IT structure. However, virtualization has the huge advantage of flexibility over physical equipment. The next few months are very uncertain. None of us can say with assurance when we will be returning to traditional office work. Operations may be more centralized or more spread out to different facilities. Market shares may shift due to deaths or closing businesses.

Only virtual machines offer the kind of flexibility that can match any future conditions. As employers seek tools to help them adapt to changing circumstances, many will consider virtualization for the first time.

Remote Working May Become The Norm

According to Flexjobs, between 2005 and 2017 the number of telecommuters increased by 159%. However, thanks to employer resistance and structural challenges, the vast majority of full-time jobs in the US are location-based. However, that may change due to COVID-19.

With most of the world practicing physical distancing for an undetermined amount of time, many companies will eventually be forced to consider remote working or remain closed. Even after this lockdown passes, however, there is no reason to believe future virus spikes won’t cause future lockdowns. Employers may just get used to managing employees working from a variety of locations.

Cloud Based Infrastructures Are The Future

Cloud technology is perfect for the current times. Microsoft Office 365 allows employees to access vital files and Office programs like Word and Excel from almost anywhere. Cloud based processing, application hosting, and data storage are the first answer any organization will find to the remote working challenge. While many companies have remained resistant to trusting the Cloud, surviving during COVID-19 will require strategic adjustments to the way we think about infrastructure. There is no reason to believe companies will abandon this technology when facing the uncertainty of the post-COVID-19 world.

Business Continuity Will Become A Way Of Life

Remember the old days when the threat of perhaps having to operate a business remotely was abstract? IT experts have been warning businesses for years to build a comprehensive business continuity plan including frequent backup points, cloud storage backups, and remote working contingencies. While many small businesses followed the advice, a startling number did not. This experience will make preparation for business emergencies a part of everyday life for the future.

IT Expertise Is The Only Way

Between Youtube and online instructional manuals, you can learn almost anything. However, when faced with dire circumstances caused by COVID-19, many companies will learn that there is no substitution for pure expertise. Businesses that survive the pandemic will likely have a renewed faith in trusting their local IT consulting experts for consultation advice.

Let Protect Your Investment

There is nothing better than expertise when it comes to adapting your business to survive. The adjustments you make to your Cincinnati Computer Services will determine the company you manage tomorrow. Contact 4BIS today to find out how we can help you thrive in uncertainty.


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