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Cincinnati Co-Managed IT Services

Co-Managed IT Services In Cincinnati

Co-managed IT services will continue to be a topic of discussion across the IT & MSP industries, but what are Co-Managed IT Services, and why should businesses and organizations consider them?

We have heard many vendors mention Co-Managed IT services. It is important to have a full understanding of the meaning of any new buzzword, especially ”Co-Managed IT services”(often referred to as Co-MITs) because Co-Managed IT Service models do not have one definition that properly defines what they are.

Co-Managed IT service models are not the same as the traditional IT service model. Co-MIT service models are flexible arrangements that are designed to provide a partnership between an organization’s IT staff department and a Managed Service Provider.

Organizations that have been negatively impacted by their previous service provider, organizations that are retooling their IT services, organizations that want to downsize their internal IT staff, organizations that need a partner for their internal IT teams — these are all examples of organizations that may find a co-managed IT service model beneficial.

What Are Co-Managed IT Services?

A Co-Managed IT service model is one that allows businesses and organizations to customize which IT services will be maintained in-house and which services will be handed down to their new partner. The Co-Managed IT service model gives businesses and organizations an opportunity to leverage the convenience and up-to-date resources of an outsourced IT management service with their internal IT staff to optimize productivity and efficiency.

With Co-Managed IT services, businesses and organizations do not have to pay for solutions and services that are not needed. Businesses and organizations can choose the services they may need, and use them when they need them. A Co-Managed IT service partnership presents a great opportunity for businesses by enhancing and supporting its current internal IT team.

An IT Solution Designed For Your Cincinnati Business

Powerful Co-Managed IT monitoring and management tools are built for IT teams that need stability, visibility, and up-to-date resources to keep the organization’s technology and operations running smoothly and efficiently. The right type of Co-Managed IT support will provide solutions that can uniquely partner with an organization to provide a secure IT infrastructure.

Internal IT teams face a variety of challenges on a day-to-day basis, especially when it comes to technology and security. Internal IT teams are constantly trying to find new ways to overcome the most critical IT challenges. Some common IT challenges that many organizations face that lead to them seeking external help include the following:

  • Lack of security resources – this often leads to the inability to protect the organization from cybercriminals, security failures, data breaches, etc.
  • Technology solutions that are outdated – this often leads to low productivity and low efficiency
  • Inconsistent budgeting – can lead to poor IT planning
  • Not enough time to spend on other initiatives – if internal IT teams spend hours inspecting a computer to determine what updates are needed, this will take time away from other key strategic initiatives

How Can Co-Managed IT Services Address The Challenges?

Improve Business Operations

If an internal team is spending a significant amount of time integrating changes to an organization’s technology infrastructure, some changes may be put on hold or some may be taken off the to-do list because there will be no time to complete it. Unfortunately, this can wreak havoc on an organization, especially as it relates to network security. If patches and updates are not addressed as soon as they are made available, an organization’s systems can quickly become outdated and vulnerable to attacks.

No More Disruptions

Has a member of your internal IT team ever been absent from the workplace due to illness or vacation? Did you instantly feel the impact of that absence? One person’s absence can instantly be felt across the entire workplace, and this can sometimes mean someone else will be left with double or triple the workload. This can lead to a major setback, even if the member of the team plans to return the next day or later in the week. With a Co-Managed IT services partnership, you will no longer have to feel the impact of one person’s absence. There will always be experienced and dedicated professionals available to help you adjust. You will have the solutions you need to continue operating with no disruptions.

How Can I Choose The Right Co-Managed IT Services Company In Cincinnati?

Before you set out to find the perfect partner to help you manage your IT, it’s important that you conduct an audit of your current infrastructure and options. It is important to know where your business currently stands as far as skills and services because this will allow you to find a partner that can take care of what your organization currently lacks. Eventually, you will have a better understanding of what you need and what you should look for in a partner.

Research all your options before making a final decision. You will need to consider your financial resources, your current internal IT team, and current and future projects. Before making a decision, you should ensure the following are addressed:

Details of the agreement

Consider the details of each agreement as you perform your research, especially the services that are offered and how the responsibilities will be shared. One of the reasons many businesses and organizations want a Co-Managed IT services partnership is because of the flexibility and reliability.

Services offered

Not only will you want to know the type of services the Co-Managed IT services partner will offer, but you will also want to know about specific details of the services. How will the services be used to help your business? Are there any backup solutions in case of an emergency?


Know as much as possible about the potential partner’s mission statement and short-term and long-term objectives. Are the partner’s mission statement and goals compatible with your mission statement and objectives? Will you be able to achieve your goals by partnering with the company?

Communication channels

To have a successful partnership, communication and collaboration will be needed. Before agreeing to partner with anyone, you should learn about their communication methods and habits. Will you be able to reach out to the partner at any time? What communication methods do they prefer?

Co-Managed IT Services In Cincinnati By 4BIS.COM

As the Co-Managed IT services trend matures and more businesses and organizations become familiar with the benefits, more organizations will turn to MSPs to help them achieve their goals.

Get the Co-Managed IT support your Cincinnati business needs. Contact 4BIS.COM today for more information on our service offerings.


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