4BIS Featured in News About Cybersecurity Education Program
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4BIS Featured in News About Cybersecurity Education Program

The Seven Hills School in Cincinnati, Ohio is launching a cybersecurity education program. This program is designed to get high school students interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. WCPO News Channel 9 needed a cybersecurity export to interview about the cyber security landscape for businesses and they reached out to 4BIS.


Continuing education is of the core values of 4BIS Cybersecurity and IT Services. We could not be prouder to help educate people on the importance of cybersecurity and hope the Seven Hills School program is wildly successful.

Is your business struggling to find the cybersecurity talent you need?
Do you have IT staff, but they are focused on fixing issues not security?
Are you unsure you are doing what is necessary to stay secure?

Schedule a meeting with our cybersecurity experts. We can help bring clarity to your business.


  • Christina Teed

    Christina is a highly experienced professional with over fifteen years of work in various fields. She holds a Bachelor's degree in English Education and Theatre, which has provided her with a strong foundation in communication. Throughout her career, Christina has developed a diverse range of skills including program management, public speaking, leadership development, interpersonal skills, education, operations, project management, and leadership. At 4BIS Cybersecurity, Christina has held several roles including working as a tech on the helpdesk, various administrative responsibilities, digital creator, and content creation. With her wealth of skills and experience, she brings a unique blend of creativity, communication, and leadership to her work, making her a reliable and effective professional. However, Christina's favorite role in life is that of a dedicated wife and mom.

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