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Zoom Launches Integration with Microsoft Teams

Is your business grappling with a dramatic shift in how work is done due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Like millions of companies around the world, thousands of Cincinnati companies have shifted to working from home.

For employees, that’s meant a significant change in how they communicate. Many businesses have rapidly launched mobile solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom for videoconferencing. The rapid deployment of those tools has led to some confusion as employees grapple with new functionality and ways of completing work. Zoom, in particular, has come under increased scrutiny as security lapses have led to unwanted visitors in some meetings. This so-called zoombombing trend prompted the company to respond quickly by changing default privacy and security settings and revising its privacy policy.

What Technologies Are Being Adapted for Employees Working from Home?

In late 2019, Zoom announced a new feature that’s paying dividends today. Zoom and Microsoft partnered to improve interoperability between the two programs. Under the new functionality, participants in Zoom Rooms can join Microsoft Teams meetings, and those in Microsoft Teams Rooms can join Zoom meetings. In both cases, users do not need to buy additional licenses or use third-party integrations.

Zoom also integrates easily with other Microsoft Office 365 products, including OneDrive and Outlook. It also integrates with other Microsoft products Skype for Business Server and Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft has rolled out many new features has usage has jumped. Among the new features already launched or planned for later this year are:

  • Private channels that allow for private spaces within a team area
  • Pop-up windows that provide for multitasking
  • Real-time noise suppression using artificial intelligence
  • An offline mode that allows users to read messages and write responses without internet connectivity
  • Polls and surveys available within chat and meetings to provide real-time feedback
  • Pinned channels to find quickly your most frequently used spaces
  • Tasks management to aggregate Microsoft To-Do, Outlook and Planner task lists
  • Whiteboard functionality
  • Live captions

What Security Issues Come from Using Zoom and Microsoft Teams?

The challenge for companies in this new work mode is keeping employees productive while working remotely and ensuring that data and networks are secure. In addition to the zoombombing trend, businesses are coping with an increase in cyberattacks due to the pandemic. Many of these attacks take the form of phishing emails or texts. These messages encourage readers to click on a link or attachment. However, those files and websites can download malware onto a computer, causing data theft or erasure or ransomware attacks.

It’s a stark reminder of the importance of ongoing cybersecurity. As employees crave more news about the economy and the public health crisis, there’s a heightened desire to react to emails that can lead to significant damage.

Employee education is the first defense against the attacks that are appearing more frequently. Here are some tips to help educate and keep employees and your business data protected:

  • Don’t click on unsolicited email attachments.
  • Be wary of email attachments and instructions to click on an unfamiliar website link.
  • Use trusted government information resources for updates and news.
  • Do not share personal or financial information, including Social Security numbers, birthdays, passwords, usernames, or account information.
  • Use virtual private network (VPN) services to connect to business networks.
  • Use cloud-based services to store and access data

4BIS is here to support your Cincinnati business with cybersecurity and communications needs during this unprecedented time. We offer comprehensive security solutions, including vulnerability assessments, network security, anti-malware, and anti-phishing tools, data backup, email security, and business continuity planning. Contact us today to learn more about how 4BIS can support your technology needs.


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