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Top Tech Predictions for 2020

Top Trends in Technology for 2020

There are many top tech predictions for 2020 that are easily identified if you know what to look for.  

Top Tech predictions for 2020 are out, and they are looking perfect for customers. In the past company’s were often more concerned with their bottom dollar and would often attack competitors in an attempt to convince customers to choose their products. The fact is, with today’s advanced technology, customers are much, savvier and those tactics no longer work.
Technology Predictions For 2020

Company Values Are Playing More of a Role In Consumer’s Buying Decisions

Executives have determined that giving customers precisely what they want is the best way to keep them coming back. Instead of attacking competitors, companies have to focus on their value systems and promote their brand. Customers tend to care more about companies who focus on their attributes instead of pointing out the faults of others. It’s important to remember that many of the younger generations tend to be more focused on what a company can do for itself.

Smart CMO’s Will Be More Interested in Customer’s Values and Priorities

Companies that are only concerned with the short-term gains they can achieve will lose the majority of their customers, especially if the customers feel as if they are being short-changed in any way. With today’s advancements in technology, they can find what they need in short order and will quickly change companies if they feel their values and priorities are not being appreciated.

CIO’s Will Focus More on Customers

While CIO’s must still be forced to meet their company’s bottom line, but they will no longer be able to do it at their customers’ expense. Instead, it will be up to them to find ways to eliminate extra costs by becoming more efficient and controlling unnecessary costs throughout the company. One of the ways they are doing this is to automate many of their IT tasks. By automating highly repetitive tasks, they can free up an employee’s time, allowing them to use their talents in other ways.

Privacy Concerns Will Become a Priority

Privacy has become a top priority for customers. With many people predicting class-action lawsuits over privacy issues will increase as much as 300% or more, companies are looking for ways to lower their risk of data breaches. Companies that are involved with anti-surveillance are going to become more prominent. New laws and regulations will be passed that further protect the customer.

Automation Is Where It’s At

With more and more companies automating their IT systems, it’s estimated that over one million jobs could be lost. As automation technology continues to accelerate, stronger forms of artificial intelligence will be put into place that will continue to displace workers who are employed in jobs where standardized activities are performed. The more robust AI becomes, the fewer employees will be needed.

In 2020, the top tech predictions run the gamut from customer satisfaction to strengthening AI protocols in the workplace. With these advancements, the changes that are coming will be substantial. While they are suitable for the consumer, employees may need to work on making themselves irreplaceable.


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