Law Office In Cincinnati Success Story - Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.
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Cincinnati Law Firm IT Services Success Story Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.

Law Office In Cincinnati Success Story: Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.

4BIS’s experience and expertise with legal  IT make them the ideal partner for Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. and other law firms in the Cincinnati area.

Key points in this case study:

  • Like other small law firms, Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. need an outsourced IT partner that understands how technology supports the legal services they provide.
  • 4BIS has been Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.’s team of outsourced IT experts for eight years.
  • 4BIS keeps Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. secure, operational, and prepared for the long-term development of their IT systems

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Who Is Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.?

Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc., LLC is a boutique law firm that operates a general legal practice with much of its work relating to real estate transactions. With just three attorneys and a paralegal on staff, the firm provides a personal level of service unique to organizations of its size.

However, at the same time, the firm’s size means it can’t fulfill necessary and specialty roles like internal IT managers. That’s why they’ve worked with 4BIS for eight years.


What 4BIS Does For Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.

Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. has been 4BIS’s responsive IT partner for eight years.

One of the most valuable aspects of the service 4BIS provides to Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. is their support’s consistent, independent quality. Whenever they need to get in touch with 4BIS, Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.’s staff knows they can.

“They’re good at ensuring we’re running at all times,” says Thomas H. Bergman. That’s the most important thing.”

In the rare case where one of the firm’s staff members needs help with something, they can rely on 4BIS’s comprehensive support system, allowing them to log a ticket or pick up and phone and get a near-immediate solution to their problem.

“They’re very quick,” says Thomas. “They always come to our aid.”

With an IT support process that is so optimized and seamless, clients like Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. enjoy a less stressful, more productive workplace. They know that if and when an issue does occur, all they have to do is call to get help—no long delays, no tedious explanations.

“They allow us to sleep at night.”

4BIS Has Extensive Legal Industry Expertise

“The differentiating factor is that they have a background with law firms,” says Thomas. “They had experience in our particular area.”

Information Technology is fundamental to a law firm’s daily operations and general success. Firms like this one reliably fast and carefully configured apps and tools to provide the high-touch experience their clients expect.

The fact is that IT directly influences how productive a firm’s staff can be, how well served the clients are, and, therefore, how profitable the business is as a whole. That’s why they’ve partnered with 4BIS for nearly a decade.

4BIS is proud to provide legal industry expertise backed by years of experience working with clients like Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. We take pride in helping these clients harness leading IT solutions to optimize the way they serve their clients.

“You want someone who’s done it before,” says Thomas. “It’s a unique profession, and people do not understand IT outside of IT.”

4BIS Keeps Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. Secure

“They keep us secure, and we haven’t had any significant security issues or breakdowns or anything that makes life extremely difficult,” says Thomas.

This is another key benefit of working with 4BIS. Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. can rely on us to manage, optimize and improve their cybersecurity posture.

The fact is that Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.  can’t commit the same resources to cybersecurity that the bigger firms can. Businesses around the same size as are often key targets for cybercriminals because they have enough clients to be of value but not enough to invest in cybersecurity.

At the same time, the firm can’t leave any client data at risk. They have to be confident they’re protected properly.

“We can’t afford to compromise our security,” says Thomas. “They stay ahead of whatever viruses are out there and alert us to what we should be watching for.”

4BIS IS Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc.’s Outsourced IT Department

“We’re not a big enough firm to have an internal IT person,” says Thomas. “4BIS serves in that role.”

As important as IT strategy, it’s often an afterthought. Not everyone has the time and resources to plan their IT in advance. That’s another reason Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. values 4BIS’s support—they help them avoid inconsistencies in their IT budgeting.

Although 93% of surveyed businesses recognize that IT is strategically and operationally critical (Wakefield Research), very few are doing anything to plan their IT properly. A third of those surveyed said less than 10% of their strategic planning was about IT.

By planning ahead with 4BIS’s help, Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. can budget their IT more accurately and avoid issues that stem from out-of-date systems.

“They tell us what kind of equipment we need, what to watch out for in terms of threats,” says Thomas. “That’s their role—to serve as our IT person.”

4BIS Makes Law Firm IT Easy For Busy Law Offices Across Cincinnati

Thomas H. Bergman & Assoc. continues to work with 4BIS to this day because Thomas and the staff can trust that they’re getting the best IT support, the most well-informed advice, and more.

“They make it easy for us,” says Thomas.

No matter what type of IT question or concern, they know they can rely on 4BIS to address it. That’s why they’ve worked with us for 8 years and counting.


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