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Top Five Reasons You May Not Be Prepared For A Ransomware Attack

You May Not Be Prepared For Cyber Security Threats Like Ransomware

Here are the top five reasons your business may not be adequately prepared to avoid or defend against cybersecurity threats such as ransomware attacks.  

Historically, one of the scariest possible things that could happen to a parent is a kidnapped child. While it is not quite the same thing, having your company essentially kidnapped through ransomware can feel like the business equivalent. With the click of a mouse, your entire enterprise is held hostage. You cannot access important files or critical applications without making payment to some unknown adversary. Even worse, the process of making the payment will not be easy, since the criminal will need to cover their tracks. Ultimately, the kidnappers may decide not to release your information. They may also choose a public release.

Here are a few reasons your operation may not be safe from ransomware.

Public Access To Network Security

Most ransomware arrives in digital messages from unknown senders or links to untrustworthy websites. Opening an email from strangers or visiting dubious websites creates a considerable risk for ransomware. Unfortunately, some business models include public access to enterprise files or software. This means the security of your network rests in the hands of everyday strangers, temporary employees, or outside contractors.

If you must provide non-employee access to your network, make sure you have some firewall in place to protect your information.

Outdated Or Incomplete Business Continuity Plan

Every organization should have a solid business continuity plan in place. You may need to operate, or at least survive, through a variety of emergencies. Ransomware is designed to restrict access to critical files or applications. However, this restriction is only paralyzing if you do not have any other access methods. Backing up all essential data and software daily ensures that you never lose the access you need to operate your enterprise.

Staff Is Uninformed About Handling Cyber Threats

Every employee with access to your internal network is a potential gateway to a ransomware attack. Make sure every member of your staff has been thoroughly trained to recognize unsafe websites and emails. At a minimum, they should know enough to delete potential threats and contact a member of IT support when necessary.

Careless IT Management

Ransomware attacks are not a static phenomenon. Like all forms of online threats, they evolve. Make sure whoever manages your IT security solution is dedicated to the craft of keeping your network safe from harm. That means staying current on emerging threats and keeping your staff informed through practical training and communication. Don’t settle for a firm that provides security as an afterthought.

Ineffective Cyber Security Software

Unfortunately, ransomware moves at the speed of software. The malicious applications can spread through networks to compromise an entire system in a matter of minutes. Installing powerful cybersecurity software is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of falling prey to a digital attack. The security solution should include antivirus software, firewalls, and automatically update to fight new threats.

Professional IT Consultants

If you are not an experienced IT expert, you need a reliable, knowledgeable firm to handle your technology needs. Serving Ohio and beyond, is the first line of defense for companies in a variety of industries. We can help you prevent cyberattacks and recover once one occurs. Schedule a free consultation today to understand how we can secure your financial future.


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