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Top Five Ways The Outlook Send Later Feature Can Streamline Email Marketing

Using Microsoft Outlook Send Later To Streamline Email Marketing

Five ways businesses can use the “send later” feature in Microsoft Outlook to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of every email marketing campaign.

Digital marketing is a huge part of running any successful online-based business. While other operations may be equally important, nothing else matters without customer attention. Unfortunately, for many small and medium-sized businesses, marketing on a limited budget can seem like an impossible puzzle. How do you balance the effort and time needed with the resulting customer contacts?

One way to accomplish this symmetry is by using the technology tools at your disposal. Microsoft Office, for example, provides a number of interesting mechanisms that can aid digital marketing. Here are some ways you can use the “Send Later” function to your advantage.

Using Outlook For Thank You Notes

Once a customer purchases your products or services, the marketing efforts do not end. Now the challenge becomes getting additional purchases by building a rapport with your client. In online-only businesses, the customer interface likely includes an automatic email to the client following the purchase.

For physical businesses with an online presence, this can be a trickier proposition. Fortunately, the Send Later function can allow you to copy a template message and send a batch of client emails in advance. When you arrive in the morning, for example, you can create emails to every client expected that day. You can set the emails to release to the clients the following morning. After the workday, you can delete any emails going to clients that did not show for the appointment.

Distributing Periodic Newsletters Or Flyers Using Microsoft Outlook

Creating regular newsletters or flyers is a great way to regularly update your clients about your organization’s new products. However, if you only have time to work on the documents on weekends or late nights, you may not want to send them immediately. The Send Later function allows you to complete the tasks when convenient, and then forward them to potential readers when they are most likely to pay attention.

Scheduled Email Reminders To Customers

Scheduling major events long into the future is the best way to ensure the largest possible attendance. However, as part of the scheduling process, you need to include regular reminders to your customers. The Send Later feature allows you to prepare communications to a batch of contacts at the same time, but send the notices out staggered. Imagine the efficiency of sending the initial notice, a reminder to register, and preparation materials all at once! Of course, the email still exists if you need to make changes in the future.

Scheduled Task Prompts Using Outlook

You may not be comfortable preparing emails to send to the target populations weeks in advance. Sometimes you don’t have a complete mailing list, or the list is subject to change. In that case, there is another alternative. Instead of actually sending the emails to the public all at once, you can draft the emails and set them to send to staff at a certain date. That way the Send Later function works as a scheduled task reminder.

Backup Staff For Important Communications

If the scheduled task is important, the Send Later function can also allow the sender to identify the backup staff in the case of absence. That way the message is sent even if the responsible staff is unexpectedly on sick leave. The responsible staff would prepare the text of the email and include any attachments. The email could be addressed to all staff authorized to send the message, and then set to send before the scheduled release to the public.

Technology Solutions

Using the Send Later tool in Microsoft is just one way you can use IT solutions to help your business. Contacting the right information technology firm can help you learn to properly leverage your resources to change your business. Schedule your free consultation with 4Bis today to find out what you are missing!


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