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Network Installation Services In Cincinnati

4BIS.COM provides network installation services and support for organizations and businesses throughout Cincinnati.

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Network Installation Services In Cincinnati

In the current competitive business environment, hiring quality network installation services could be the difference between you and the competition. Working with a quality network installation company ensures the stability of your office networks, efficient sharing of information between devices, and overall cloud security. 4BIS.COM provides reliable network installation services for commercial, educational, and industrial clients throughout the Greater Cincinnati area. We provide IT Support and installation for voice, video, wireless solutions, and data networks in many environments, from small local businesses to large organizations and industrial facilities. Our highly experienced IT team handles every aspect of network deployment, from installing completely new networks to the extension of existing ones.

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You deserve to work with an IT company that has you in mind. Get in touch with 4BIS.COM to learn more about our determinedly personal service offering and what it can do for your staff.



As the leading provider of IT infrastructure and Network Installations in Cincinnati, we pride ourselves on providing a full suite of networking services, including network design, network planning, and network configuration.

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At 4BIS, we are proud to offer a comprehensive IT outsourcing program that includes all of the services mentioned above and more. We have over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, and our team is passionate about providing top-notch customer service. We’ll work with you to create a customized IT solution that meets your specific needs and budget.


Our Network & IT Management Services

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LAN and WAN network installation services

At 4BIS.COM, we always strive to provide the best LAN and WAN solutions that deliver reliable connectivity and robust network security to guarantee business continuity and visibility. Our experts will assist in designing a network-computing infrastructure from the ground up or can provide advice on upgrading an existing network. These networks will function as your local area networks (LANs) connecting several computers within your office environment. We also offer Wide Area Network (WAN) installation services designed to connect all your branch offices, whether they are in another building or another city.

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VPN or remote access setup and configuration

The current remote work model means more of your staff will be accessing your company network away from the office. The hybrid work model has undeniably introduced a range of cybersecurity issues, and without robust security protections, your networks are far more vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Our experts will install a virtual private network (VPN) and Remote Access setup and configurations to provide secure, encrypted network communications between your network and a remote host as well as the other remote network over the public internet. This enables you to access your company network from home or away from the office without having to worry about cyber-attacks.

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Wireless networking services

Installing a wireless network can be a complex project that should be best left to the experts. Whether you are building a new network from the ground up or you are looking to enhance the performance of an existing infrastructure, our highly experienced wireless network experts have you covered. Our trained engineers will conduct physical wireless propagation tests to determine the best location that guarantees 100% connectivity. They will also assess the layout of the building to identify potential sources of radio interference and other risks. 4BIS.COM will configure and install all the wireless infrastructure and any other required network cabling and infrastructure efficiently and quickly with minimal disruption to your business.

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Network security services

Ransomware attacks are expected to grow in both frequency and intensity in 2021. A recent report reveals attacks will occur every 11 seconds and cost victims over $20 billion. Businesses that build a strong cybersecurity foundation will find themselves more secure. 4BIS.COM‘s network security solutions are tailored to shield your company’s infrastructures and connected devices from mishandling, undesired access, and attacks. Our network security experts can provide an extensive assessment of your network infrastructure and evaluate the security of your internet and intranet connections. We will use this information to implement firewalls and a range of other protective measures customized to meet your needs and network architecture risk level.

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Network maintenance

4BIS.COM provides reliable network maintenance services to ensure your network is up and running smoothly. Our solutions encompass several duties, including installing and configuring hardware and software, troubleshooting network problems, and monitoring and improving network performance. We will also plan for network growth to guarantee your IT infrastructure is scaling as your business expands. We leverage a structured network maintenance approach, meaning you will have systems in place to prevent problems before they happen. This guarantees reduced stress, losses, and downtimes.

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Setup for Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix networking systems

4BIS.COM can help you eliminate networking headaches with solutions that are simple to deploy. Whether you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, or Unix, you can count on our experts to set up and network the systems and ensure they operate optimally to meet your needs. Our OS setup and networking services cover the following areas:

  • Network design and installation: includes network troubleshooting, wi-fi solutions, and security, emergency service for network down
  • Computer support: includes complete OS support and desktop support and web-based remote Support
  • Local and cloud backup: includes secure and reliable data protection and LAN and cloud service backups for a secure business environment.
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Data cabling and other low voltage cabling services

A reliable and fast cabling solution is integral to the success of your business. We provide data cabling and other low voltage cabling services to optimize your networks and ensure your teams work more efficiently with no interruptions. We are the experts in the design, installation, and maintenance of voice, security, and data cabling. We understand ideal data cabling and wiring infrastructure is the foundation for every network. Our highly experienced team will help plan, design, and install your network from start to finish. We will also maintain, upgrade and troubleshoot any network size.

Other services that 4BIS.COM offers:

  • Internet access and Internet security
  • Windows Active Directory setup
  • Server and PC setup
  • Cloud services and how to connect to the network

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You need a reliable network to stay competitive in the current volatile business environment. An expertly designed and installed network helps streamline business processes and reduce customer wait times while improving office efficiency and your company’s reputation.

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