WordPress 5.8 Update: Important Info For Cincinnati Businesses
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WordPress 5.8 Release Information In Cincinnati

WordPress 5.8 is the next major release businesses and individuals are looking forward to, and it is just around the corner. WordPress 5.8’s general release date is scheduled for July 20, 2021. The goal of this update is to integrate the first version of full-site editing into WordPress core. With full-site editing, you can use blocks to create pages or websites using blocks. Everything you see will be on a block.

The big WordPress release will include many small and significant improvements that will change the way WordPress is used. As you are probably aware, WordPress is moving ahead rather quickly. The July 20 release makes incredible progress towards strengthening WordPress’s site-building capabilities. Your Atlanta business must be prepared for the upcoming WordPress updates to enjoy all its benefits.

Updates Coming To WordPress 5.8

Since the block editor, WordPress 5.8 has presented some of the most intriguing features. Let’s take a look at these features:

WebP Image Support

WordPress’s new version will support WebP images. With WordPress 5.8, you will be able to upload WebP images to the Media Library. WebP images can be uploaded in the same manner you would upload JPEG and PNG images, as long as your hosting provider supports WebP. WebP images are typically smaller than JPEG and PNG images, and WebP images are supported by multiple browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. With WebP image support, your website will load faster, providing your audience with a great viewing experience.

Template Editor

WordPress 5.8 will come with a new template editor. The addition of the Template Editor is another step towards reaching full-site editing. Templates can be saved and created using the Template Editor, allowing you to use them for future posts and pages. When you make the switch to the editor, you will be able to add Site Editing blocks. The editor will include the List View panel.

Duotone Image Effects and Filters

Another feature that we are looking forward to in WordPress 5.8 is the Duotone image effects and filters. This feature will add a little excitement to WordPress. Duotone effects and filters will allow you to use these filters over your media blocks like cover images and galleries. This feature will come with some presets, and you will have the ability to create your own presents. Now, you can add a dash of color to your designs and style your images with ease.

Block Updates

As mentioned earlier, the WordPress update will include new block types, including the following:

  • Page Lists
  • Site Title
  • Logo
  • Tagline
  • Query Loop

The Query Loop block will provide various layouts for posts and will come with new matching block patterns. The List View panel can be used to improve the navigation between blocks and patterns. The WordPress 5.8 will also include updates to many block-related features, such as the following:

  • Improvements in the flow when reusable blocks are created
  • Block handles will appear in the Select view
  • Blocks will be outlined when hovering on the page


With the release of WordPress 5.8, you can expect to see new patterns. You can also expect to see an integration with the Pattern Directory feature. The Patterns and Pattern Directory features will be intriguing and valuable resources for those who design their own websites. Initially, the Pattern Directory will only have patterns that use a block or a collection of blocks.

Query Loop Block

The Query Loop block will come with a variety of designs that can transform the way you display the loop. Once you select your layout, the Query Loop Block feature will allow you to customize the blocks within the loop. The Query Loop block, which comes with matching block patterns, will prove multiple layouts for posts.


As WordPress continues to take steps towards creating a full-site editor experience, the new update will feature a “blocks as widgets” interface. With this new interface, users will be able to access widgets easier. The new widgets interface will certainly be a welcome sight compared to the previous widget interface. After the update, you can add blocks to widgetized areas. Deciding to use blocks in widgets will allow for greater flexibility in inserting items. There will be a Widgets block that will allow you to use classic widgets that have not been made into blocks.

Is Your Business Ready For The Release?

As with any new release or update to a software or system, there may be a learning curve or transitional period. With the WordPress 5.8 release being less than a month away, businesses are making their own preparations for the release. Businesses across the globe are excited about the updates and are looking forward to finding out what impact the update will have on their operations.

To fully prepare for the release, you may want to test the beta version of WordPress 5.8, and the WordPress 5.8 Beta 3 is currently available now. Since the software is still in development, it is recommended to create a test site to run this version. Testing the beta version of WordPress 5.8 will be a good starting point for your business because you can become familiar with the features now, ahead of the actual release.

We also recommend performing a backup of your website before your website is updated. We know how quickly things can go awry whenever updates or installations are necessary. If you do not want to experience issues with your websites before, during, or after the update, performing a backup of your website will be a smart move.

We understand how difficult it can be to go from one version to the next. This is why we encourage businesses to become familiar with the features of WordPress 5.8 before the actual release. You want the transition to be seamless and enjoyable, and taking the time to prepare for the update now can ensure you have a great experience with the new WordPress.

At 4BIS.COM, we work with businesses of all sizes by providing IT support and services. If you are preparing for the July 20 release of WordPress 5.8 and have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us today.


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