Microsoft Hosted Exchange – Equip Your Team With The Tools They Need

Microsoft 365 has a massive presence in the IT world. Its wide-spread popularity for cloud solutions and email could lead you to believe that it’s the best option for your business, but 4BIS.COM wants you to know that there’s a better way.

We’re proud to offer Microsoft Hosted Exchange in Cincinnati, a flexible and cost-effective alternative to Microsoft 365. With our expertise and hosted solutions, you can enjoy the capabilities provided by Microsoft 365 without having to subscribe to the service:

  • Enhanced Security: Utilize fully managed data centers, Anti-Spam, SSL encryption, and Anti-Virus for email transmissions to add an additional layer of protection in your email. 
  • Full Compatibility With Microsoft Outlook: Enjoy enterprise-level sync with Outlook app facilitating the features collaboration 
  • Uptime Guarantee: Don’t let downtime affect your email or business communications. 
  • Exchange Hybrid: Combine Rackspace Email and Hosted Exchange to save money while harnessing the Microsoft features you need. 

Hosted Exchange allows your business to utilize off-site 4BIS.COM servers that enable office processes at your office from a remote location. Thanks to the unparalleled scalability of Hosted Exchange, 4BIS.COM can design a configuration that directly suits your business’ needs.

Microsoft Hosted Exchange By 4BIS.COM

Get the most out of your company’s email accounts by upgrading to our Hosted Exchange solutions. To learn more about what we can do for your business’ email, get in touch with the 4BIS.COM team today.

Written by James Forbis
Posted on: November 24, 2020