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Regain Control of Your Inbox. Email Security Solutions by 4BIS Cybersecurity and IT Services in Cincinnati

Click Delete on Hackers with Email Security Services

Your email inbox is the hub for all of your important conversations. But while it’s essential to your daily productivity, it’s also the main doorway for intrusions and harmful software. In fact, 53.5% of email traffic in 2018 was classified as spam.

Protecting your clients, employees, and business means investing in reliable email security solutions.

4BIS Cybersecurity and IT Services offers reliable email security solutions that allow your team to communicate and share information without worry. No more concerns about breaches or data theft via email. Our multi-layered approach goes beyond antivirus to include advanced:

  • Office 365 Security Software
  • Office 365 Encryption Software
  • Office 365 Email Protection & Firewall Tools, and
  • Office 365 User Training & Policies on how to create strong passwords and spot malicious URLs.

4BIS is well-equipped to provide full-service support for the Microsoft Office 365 Suite and Exchange Online. We’ll help you detect and block cyber-attacks and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. We’ll also proactively monitor your environment to detect potential threats before you even know they exist.


Our Email Security Solutions - IT Firm setup

Our Email Security Solutions:

  • Increase Security
  • Clear Your Inbox
  • Provide Training
  • Prevent Threats
  • Increase Uptime
  • Monitor Systems

Why Invest in Email Security?

27% of global businesses encounter 4 to 6 successful cyber-attacks annually, while 15% fall victim to more than 50 bulk phishing attacks. Alarmingly, over half of these companies report consequential breaches, exposing sensitive consumer or client data.

Encrypting emails is an important piece of email security. With a more secure email gateway, you could block malicious content in real time. Investing in email security can help save you resources and headaches in the long haul.

Contact the 4BIS team to learn more about our tailored email security solutions.

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Ensure your doors stay open, even when the unexpected happens. 4BIS goes beyond the basics, incorporating industry-leading email security best practices and email security tools. Our advanced cloud-based email protection and spam filtering mechanisms bolster your defense against evolving threats

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Build a security fortress around your network. We’ll employ robust measures to help create barriers around your systems and counter social engineering tactics. This multi-layered security strategy deploys cutting-edge antivirus and antimalware solutions, thorough firewall setting updates, etc.

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Access your data regardless of natural disasters, cyber-crimes, and human error. Our Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions are your insurance against any unforeseen events. Minimize downtime, meet compliance standards, and ensure continuous operations with 4BIS.

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Thrive even in the worst-case scenario with 4BIS Business Continuity Planning. It’s a comprehensive framework tailored to address the vulnerabilities that often leave organizations exposed. Don’t be caught unprepared—keep your business equipped to get around cyber disruptions seamlessly.

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