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Getting Started With Microsoft Forms

Getting Started With Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a free online survey, quiz, and form app that can be used in various use cases, whether you’re doing corporate survey research, designing an event to gather employee feedback, collecting information from school communities, or evaluating your customers. Microsoft Forms can create surveys from Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote apps.

The app also supports two well-known chat services, Slack and HipChat, where users can engage in collaborative chat to develop survey questions, respond to survey responses, and set up follow-ups. You can automatically input survey questions and receive permission to post-survey responses directly on social media. You can search the app for survey items to make the collection and distribution of data easier, and you can receive alerts when new survey items appear in the app. Once collected, you can upload survey forms from Microsoft OneNote and send forms via email or link on Windows PCs, Macs, iOS, and Android devices.

What Are Some Features of Microsoft Forms?

Imagine using Microsoft Forms to create surveys, quizzes, and polls that capture user responses quickly and efficiently, and you can share privately with your users for them to use elsewhere. Alternatively, you can use Forms to create polls with media such as image or video links you can share with your users. Microsoft features are also built into the forms to automatically adjust fields populated in the field space so that every person’s questions, answers, and comments match up perfectly when their colleagues enter them.

Microsoft Forms Use Cases

You can modify, combine, and delete all the responses you have received on your forms and analyze the responses to your forms. While selecting and customizing your forms’ format and theme, you can also create pages for each new question or break the questions up depending on the conditional responses. This is very useful for archiving every survey result, for future use in other Microsoft products like Excel or PowerPoint. You can even incorporate the screenshots that are coming in from the survey forms.

You can retrieve answers to all Forms questions on one screen or use the option to view each survey response individually. Many different data types and survey question types are available, including multiple-choice responses, short text, and long text — all with automatic scoring options. You can schedule your surveys to start from the next available survey date, at specific times, and additional options allow for survey access to halt at a specific time and date. All this will make the data collection process much more efficient for both you and your audience.

Microsoft Forms makes it easy for you to manipulate, organize, and analyze your survey responses in many different ways. The online software also plays nice with other Microsoft products like OneNote and Excel. New features are often being added to the platform. Recently, Microsoft added the ability to rate responses using Net Promoter Scores, a popular method for evaluating marketing responses that can gauge customer loyalty and interest for current or future products and ideas.

All of these features make Microsoft Forms a convenient option for almost any type of data collection task you could think of. With the software running in the cloud, IT managers, schools, marketing departments, and consumers don’t have to download and run resource-heavy software to access the convenience of robust and highly flexible service.


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