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New Microsoft 365 Feature Ends Customer Scheduling Frustration

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The scheduling tech industry may see 15% growth over the next five years, reaching a $360 million valuation for good reason. Often it’s the unseen piece of the customer’s journey that matters most. And no portion of that journey is often more hidden than those moments with the “almost a customer” who is trying to set up an appointment.


This critical moment when someone decides to reach out is often dashed by delayed callbacks, message-tag, and outdated scheduling software, making for poor customer experience and lost customers. Faced with this, customers begin to wonder: do you really want my business?

Microsoft 365’s Bookings attempts to address this challenge and more when it comes to scheduling and managing appointments.

Why Old-Fashioned Scheduling Doesn’t Work

Many businesses pride themselves in having a more hands-on approach to customer service. But these days, attempts at white-glove service can actually backfire because the ways that people find your business have changed.

They find you online.

And when they find you as changed. While some people may be researching pet groomers, IT support, or legal assistance during work hours, more people have the Internet at home and on mobile devices. If they see your Google ad or find you through the share of a Facebook friend, they want to be able to schedule an appointment now rather than wait until you open tomorrow.

For this reason, over 40% of appointment scheduling happens after hours. And if customers can’t schedule in that moment, they often go elsewhere.

The Benefits of Microsoft 365 Bookings

Microsoft 365 Bookings scheduling tools benefit your business and customers in several ways

  • Easy on-demand scheduling – They can review available times online at any time, and schedule themselves.
  • Easy rescheduling – If they need to cancel and reschedule, they can do it online easily. While cancellations hurt, they certainly beat no shows since you now know you have an available slot. And you can apply your cancellation policy as needed to prevent abuse.
  • Preferred communication method – 75% of millennials prefer texting and other online communication to speaking on the phone, which is considered an outdated and time-consuming way to get an appointment. The 365 scheduling system can communicate through text, email, and messages to align with consumer preference.
  • Improve employee scheduling – Better understand staffing needs because the schedule is up-to-date. Employee time is no longer consumed with callbacks, appointment reminders, and rescheduling. This program handles it all in real-time.
  • Better define services and prices – This scheduling software makes it easier to adjust staff lists, pricing, and more online, so customers see it as they schedule and can make decisions.
  • A mobile app option – Repeat customers may prefer the ease of an app to going through your website.

Getting Set Up with Scheduling Tools

It’s time to rethink customer service and explore how technologies like this can streamline processes and remove monotonous work for your employees. 4BIS.COM’s team of technology professionals can help you assess business and technology needs and offer solutions to improve operations and delight customers. Contact us to schedule a demonstration.


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