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Microsoft 365 Benefits For Cincinnati Businesses

Microsoft 365 Benefits For Cincinnati Businesses

Imagine for a moment that you traveled to deliver a crucial presentation to potential investors or clients and lost the travel drive with a copy of your data. No one is in the office to email you a copy, and you’re about to suffer an embarrassing financial setback.

Maybe thoughts run through your mind about giving a lame excuse to reschedule without looking technologically incompetent. Maybe you come clean, thinking honesty is the best policy but knowing a business relationship is probably lost.

The business world is filled with examples of technology faux pas. But professionals no longer need to worry about keeping track of tiny drives or not having critical information at your disposal 24-7. Microsoft 365 has effectively eliminated these types of logistical impediments. That’s why entrepreneurs and on-the-go professionals are investing in Microsoft 365 solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Microsoft 365?

Setting aside the fact that Microsoft offers cutting-edge innovation in its applications, the critical benefits come from being able to work from anywhere. Remote workforce growth had increased by 44 percent before the pandemic. Now, upward of 55 percent of businesses worldwide offer offsite options, and a reported 99 percent of telecommuters want to continue the practice.

One of the primary advantages of using Microsoft 365 — or “Office 365,” as people sometimes still call it — stems from it being a Cloud-based platform. That means the applications are accessible remotely.

Let’s assume you are not a managed IT expert, and you’re wondering how the person who forgot their key drive can be spared the impending professional humiliation. Whether that presentation is housed on your office desktop or a laptop sitting on the kitchen table does not matter. Microsoft 365 allows you to sync with documents saved in the Cloud from any device. The hypothetical business professional need only get online, and no one would be the wiser. That’s a typical Microsoft 365 solution, and these are others that may prove invaluable.

  • Enhanced Communication: Microsoft 365 offers a wide range of tools that help facilitate seamless communication. These include Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, and Outlook, among others. You and your colleagues are only a mouse-click or screen-tap away from communicating in real-time.
  • Productivity: Applications such as SharePoint help busy professionals organize documents and streamline file-sharing needs. When this program is set up in a way that you can maximize its potential, it can help automate workflows and boost productivity. SharePoint has tremendous potential when managed IT specialists tailor it for specialized uses.
  • Collaboration: Entrepreneurs and other decision-makers might anticipate that remote workforces would struggle with collaborative efforts without a central hub. That has not proven the case for businesses that secure Microsoft 365 for all of the team members. Applications such as Microsoft Teams allow multiple people to work on projects simultaneously and even co-author files.

Microsoft 365 allows users to leverage solutions through applications such as SharePoint and OneDrive that basically make your important files follow you around. Whether you are at home, at the office, or on a business trip, you enjoy a remote desktop that brings everything together.

Does Cloud-Based Microsoft 365 Pose a Cybersecurity Risk?

The rise in hacking schemes has not been lost on Microsoft developers. The platform is considered among the most secure and offers companies tiered security features. These include protections against emerging cybersecurity threats, information leaks, and the ability to control data access. This is a crosssection of some detailed security solutions.

  • Warnings about malicious websites delivered in real-time
  • AI-powered malware scanning to detect infected attachments
  • Windows devices monitored for ransomware and other malware attacks
  • Data encryption protections when sending files remotely
  • File restrictions can be used to designate documents as “confidential”

The list of cybersecurity features available to protect data under the Microsoft 365 umbrella is extensive. By working with a managed IT firm with experience setting up company-wide Microsoft 365 solutions, industry leaders and their teams have full, secure access to everything they need to achieve company goals from any location.


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