Memory on Fritz Easy and Secure Ways to Remember Passwords
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Your Memory on the Fritz: Easy and Secure Ways to Remember Your Passwords

Your Memory on the Fritz: Easy and Secure Ways to Remember Your Passwords

How many times have you deleted a password mid-typing simply because you can’t recall all the characters? Don’t fret, you aren’t alone. With all the apps and sites that require login details especially password authentication, keeping track of all your passwords can be an uphill task. If you frequently find yourself biting your nails off trying to recall your passwords, then you are in the right place. Follow through to know how to easily and securely remember your passwords.

Why Do You Need a Secure Password?

A password isn’t just a combination of characters – well actually it is. But it’s one way to notify a system that a certain user has the privileges to access the data and info therein.

So why a secure password?

  • Restricted access to your computer
  • Prevention of data breach and identity theft.
  • Prevention of data and information loss either accidentally or maliciously
  • Prevent any unauthenticated use of your computer
  • Secure personal info such as bank accounts, property info

It’s not enough to have a password, but having a strong and secure password is the first line of defense against cybersecurity and other threats for businesses in Cincinnati. However, in the event you discover unauthorized access, identity theft, or data breach, report to the Ohio Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Unit immediately.

How to Remember All Your Passwords

Be Random

A Global Passwords Habits Study showed that a whopping 16% of adult computer users used the same or two passwords for all their accounts!

Having a predictable password such as ‘cincinnati01’ will likely take a computer a few minutes to crack. On the other hand, a complex and random password such as ‘flyginghorsecincinnati1!@#’ will take powerful computer decades to crack.

Additionally, gone are the days when you could use the name of your adorable puppy as your password. Understandably, such a name is the easiest to remember, but a hacker also knows that hence putting your computer at risk.

Instead of using predictable passwords, be random; you can even use the entire first line of your favorite poem. Just make sure you make it alphanumeric.

1. Utilize the ‘Save You Login Info’ Feature

Luckily for you, most apps and online sites have a feature that can store and recall your login credentials for you.

When you access an app or log in to an online site, you submit certain personal info. Once you log in for the first time, a prompt will appear asking you whether you would like your login info saved. By accepting this doesn’t have to repeat the same log-in process every time. Instead, every time you log in, the system will recall the passwords and grant you access without having to manually enter your passwords.

However, make sure you activate this feature if you are the sole user of that particular computer. If not, make sure to have your account that is password protected. Also, make sure all the websites that save your log-in info are secure. To know if a website is secure, check if its URL begins with HTTPS://.

2. Forget What Some Computer Systems Tell You

Creating an account with an app or online will require you to create a password. Go ahead and do so.

But, others will go a step further and suggest a suitable password for you such as hgtfff#$jhh1234. Arguably, this password is secure and random, but let’s face it, it’s not the easiest to remember! When an app suggests a password for you, you don’t need to accept that password, instead, go ahead, be random and create your insanely secure password that’ll be super easy to remember.

3. Go Old School

Modern computer systems require more sophisticated data security measures, right?

Businesses in Cincinnati have adopted technology and are using it to ensure ease of trade and growth. This adoption brings with it cybersecurity challenges that require IT experts to tackle. will help your business with these and many more challenges. But what if the passwords handed to you are too sophisticated for you to remember?

You can simply write down all your passwords on paper and hide them somewhere only you can access them. Additionally, you can create a passwords list, and using’s cloud services, you can hide all those passwords where no-body can find them. If you can’t remember a certain password, all you have to do is refer to your list.

4. Create Your Code

Did you know you can use the game of Sudoku to create your passwords?

Having a code to create a password is like passing the same path heading towards your favorite trail. Your code doesn’t have to be complex. It just has to be simple enough for you to recall the password but complicated and unobvious to someone else.

How can you use Sudoku, you ask? For instance, you can create a pattern with each number representing a character. Using a deciphering code, that only you know, you can create a strong password that’s easy for you to remember. You can even place the Sudoku paper next to your computer and nobody will know its innermost contents.

5. Just Tweak One Password for All

Hands using a keyboard to type in passwords

Cincinnati businesses should put in place measures to ensure the risk of cyber-attacks and data breaches are low. Sadly, a good number of employees in Cincinnati reuse the same password in both their work and personal accounts. The only difference is adding a single digit to tweak it a bit.

The use of a common password across multiple apps, sites, and platforms raises the risk of a cyber-attack. However, an employee can tweak the same password – a base password – by adding multiple characters. This way, the security of the systems isn’t compromised and the employee can easily recall the passwords.

Additionally, changing or tweaking passwords should be done regularly as should permissions on servers and cloud storage.

6. The Length Matters

To break a common myth, longer is better! A longer, complex and random password takes much more time to break as compared to a shorter one.

You don’t even have to think of something complicated, just take a line from your favorite song, add other characters, and voila! You’ve got yourself a long and easy-to-remember secure password.

Remember Your Password With Ease!

Data and information security are paramount to all businesses in Cincinnati. Remembering your passwords should be as easy as recalling your anniversary. provides security systems across businesses in Cincinnati, including storage of passwords for easy and secure storage, access, and retrieval of data. Don’t wait till it’s too late and your data has been stolen or breached, contact us today to assist you.


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