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Benefits of Upgrading Your Legacy ERP Systems

Benefits of Upgrading Your Legacy ERP Systems

To improve business processes, many organizations are upgrading to Dynamics 365 from legacy ERP systems. Read this blog for the benefits of making the switch.  

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems do involve long implementation times and lifespans that last for decades. Still, the new systems of today offer very sophisticated features that make them extremely useful in this day and age.

In this post, we’ll be using Microsoft Dynamics 365 as an example, and we’ll discuss the benefits of upgrading to this platform, no matter the size of your business.

Microsoft is one of the leading software companies in the world that provides a wide variety of useful products for personal users and organizations across the globe. Furthermore, Microsoft is becoming more popular every single year, and users see a lot of value by using their products. According to, Microsoft’s global brand value increased from $62 million in 2006 to over $251 billion by 2019.
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Leading Benefits Of Switching To Microsoft Dynamics 365

Here are some leading benefits of switching over to Microsoft Dynamics 365:

Eliminates Manual Update Issues

In the world we live in today, it’s vital for businesses always to use the most updated software. If not, your organization could be dealing with severe security and privacy problems. If you utilize Dynamics 365, then you’ll be utilizing sophisticated software that continues to monitor and complete valuable updates. This dramatically reduces the amount of maintenance provided by IT departments and also helps to ease the mind of business executives.


Another leading quality of upgrading to Dynamics 365 involves its ease-of-use. The platform offers a very simplified software structure, and many capabilities are focused on remote devices. Not only does this provide many advantages for internal employees, but the features are also beneficial for external sources like suppliers, vendors, and partners.

Integration Capabilities

Dynamics 365 is a platform that allows for easy integration with many useful programs and processes. Furthermore, the platform also provides advantages when it comes to working with other Microsoft cloud products. Some examples include Office 365, Power BI, and CRM apps.

Adopts Emerging Tech Trends

Even if your organization consistently understands the latest tech trends that could benefit their business, a lot of these advancements still seem out of reach. By upgrading to Dynamics 365, organizations can take advantage of very sophisticated and updated user-centric interfaces, including a wide variety of advanced features. Here are some of the emerging technology that comes equipped with the Dynamics 365 platform:

  • Enhanced Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Advanced AI features
  • Analytical services
  • Extensive data sets

Supports All Business Processes

Microsoft is a software company that is always focused on updating and improving. That being said, new updates and features roll out often that provide many advantages for users. Another goal that Microsoft has is to continually push for tools that work with many different business processes. As Dynamics 365 continues to improve, users should expect more capabilities that are focused on benefits for many areas of your business.

Relatively Affordable

Business software today has a diverse range of different prices. Depending on the capabilities and features you need, you can spend tens of thousands of dollars on new software. However, by switching over to Dynamics 365, many organizations are very pleased with the associated costs. This is primarily due to the original licensing model. Now customers can buy exactly what they want without spending money on the features they don’t need. Based on the evolving requirements for many organizations, this flexible pricing structure is a crucial benefit.

Dedicated Workshops

As an effort to help legacy ERP users transition comfortably over to Dynamics 365, many Microsoft partners are offering specialized workshops. This will help to reduce business disruptions and speed up the transition process.

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