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4BIS provides IT services and IT support for organizations throughout Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

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IT Services In Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky By 4BIS

Whether you own a small or large company, you can benefit significantly from the services of a reliable and trusted IT company, and 4BIS.COM is the best option in Cincinnati. In the current digital era, many businesses find it difficult to keep up with the rate of technological evolution. However, if you fail to stay updated, it will affect your ability to serve customers better and your competitive advantage.

At 4BIS.COM, we provide unparalleled IT services in Cincinnati. We can provide 24/7 managed IT services, so you never have to worry about downtime or other technological inconveniences. We can also take care of your data safety, network security and offer reliable technical support. We will take care of your technology as you focus on other key areas of your enterprise.

Effective Managed IT Services

Effective Managed IT Services In Cincinnati

Statistics show that more and more businesses are opting for managed IT services, and this trend is expected to reach approximately $257 billion by 2022. With the ubiquitous complexities of IT processes, businesses of all sizes find it difficult to transition to digital operations. As a result, the demand for managed IT services in Cincinnati is on an upward trajectory.

At 4BIS.COM, we know the specific needs of different businesses, so we’ve designed custom solutions to suit every industry. We also take time to understand your organization and your computer network needs. When you outsource your IT with us, you no longer need to worry about your IT infrastructure. Thanks to our experienced team that has continually provided exceptional IT services in Cincinnati for years, we can resolve all your technology issues in minutes. We can provide quality IT service in different fields from fractional CTO and CIO services, cloud technologies, IT infrastructure support, and more.

Why Use Managed IT Services From 4BIS In Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky?

Some of the benefits of using our managed IT services for Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky organizations include:

Reduced IT Costs icon

Reduced IT Costs

Managed IT services allow you to request as many IT services as possible without paying for extra hardware or infrastructure. You only need to pay the monthly fixed rate, and we’ll provide you with the best IT services in Cincinnati. Moreover, you’ll have substantial cost savings due to reduced labor costs, maintenance, and IT infrastructure.

Freed Up Resources icon

Freed-Up Resources

When you outsource your IT to 4BIS.COM, you can relocate the free resources you would have spent on internal IT to other business initiatives. This gives you a chance to focus on higher return areas such as new products or better customer service.

Minimal Downtime icon

Minimal Downtime

Our team of IT experts will minimize the risks of dealing with shutdowns and associated system failures that can lead to frustrations for both your clients and employees. This way, your employees become more productive, resulting in happier customers and more revenue.

Latest Technology icon

Access to the Latest Technology

At 4BIS.com, we use the latest tools and technologies. As a result, your IT systems will be up-to-date, meaning that you will have access to leading technologies in the industry at an affordable rate.

Outsourced IT Department

Outsourced IT Department

Recruiting and retaining an in-house IT team from scratch is a major investment that most times isn’t worth the high cost. Paying a competitive full-time salary for an entire IT team amid the current acute skill shortage may not be sustainable for most small and medium-sized businesses in Cincinnati. When you choose our Outsourced IT Department, you can rest assured your technology needs are taken care of by experts at a cost that is a lot less than paying a monthly salary to your full-time IT team.

Our experts will be available to you 24/7 to keep your network running smoothly, not just fix problems. We will leverage our vast experience and top-notch technologies to provide comprehensive services ranging from 24/7 monitoring of networks and troubleshooting, implementing new operating systems, installing software, and backup of files to security management of your networks.

Cyber Security

Data breach cases continue to escalate, with 2021 recording 1,292 cases through September. With the increased rate of cybersecurity incidents, organizations in Cincinnati are looking for the best ways to strengthen their enterprise security. 4BIS.COM provides businesses of all sizes a comprehensive suite of managed cybersecurity services to prevent unauthorized access to the business information you store on your network, physical devices, and online. We use the latest technology that prevents cybercriminals from stealing your data or interrupting your normal operations.

Our cybersecurity services include:

  • Email security solutions
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Business continuity plan
  • Computer and network security
IT Services Cincinnati

Top Technical IT Services in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky

In today’s digital world, organizations are defined by their technological capabilities. That’s why more businesses are opting for outsourced IT support to provide them with the much-needed knowledge and technical support to stay productive, improve product quality and productivity, and customer satisfaction. At 4BIS.COM, we provide the technical expertise you need to keep business systems running smoothly, monitor and maintain computer systems, and resolve any technical issues that can halt your business processes.

At 4BIS.COM, we understand what each business needs, so we focus on providing the best and most impactful IT support. Also, we can support different IT systems in your business from Microsoft, Linux, and Apple systems. Better yet, our quality IT services in Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky can overcome the challenges of supporting, managing, and securing your IT needs.

Cloud Services & Cloud Technologies

any organizations are externalizing their IT systems using cloud solutions. Cloud services provide your business with on-demand services, data storage, and resources that are accessible through the internet. Even better, you only need to rent access to these applications instead of having data centers. This will allow you to reduce infrastructure management and lower upfront costs.

We offer a range of cloud services, including:

Cloud Hosting icon

4BIS Private Cloud Hosting

We can host a private cloud solution for your organization that works to increase your productivity and efficiency. We also ensure that all your data is 100% secure.

VoIP icon

UC & VoIP Phone Services

We are experts in UC & VoIP phone services so, we can install and maintain the latest technology in your business and configure it to meet the specific need of your team. As your business grows, we’ll also scale up your services.

Microsoft 365 Support icon

Microsoft 365 Support

Businesses are shifting to this modern workplace to enjoy the benefits of integrated access to vital day-to-day applications like excel, OneDrive, Outlook, and more 4BIS.COM can set up and integrate the correct version of Microsoft 365 geared towards addressing your business needs.

Microsoft Hosted icon

Microsoft Hosted Exchange

Through this service, you can host your data on 4BIS.COM servers and access your documents, task management, and more remotely.

Virtual Desktop icon

Hosted Virtual Desktop

With the rise in workplace flexibility, it’s time to have a hosted virtual desktop for your business. We can help you benefit from this VMware’s virtualization technology even on a slim budget.

Hardware as a Service icon

Hardware as a Service

We can rent our equipment and save you the hassle of incurring huge costs, especially for small businesses. 4BIS.COM will also repair or replace the hardware in case of a breakdown.

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Get Unmatched IT Services in Cincinnati from 4BIS

Whether you have a small or large organization, 4BIS.COM can provide a wide range of IT services for your Cincinnati business in Cincinnati. We have the experience and expertise to provide the best technical support, managed IT services, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions.

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