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What Can IT Governance Do for Your Business?

How IT Governance Can Propel Your Business Forward

Get to know the many benefits of an IT governance plan and discover where to turn for professional help in creating the ideal IT set-up for your business.  

IT governance is a commonly-used term that essentially means having a planned, organized, optimized IT set-up that can meet your current needs. It incorporates compliance with industry regulations, best practice cybersecurity procedures, ongoing IT upgrades and updates, and IT training to ensure you have the tools and know-how to propel your business forward.

IT governance can mean the difference between a successful business and one that is continually plagued by downtime, breaches, and other common IT problems. Read on to discover what good IT governance looks like and how to get the professional help you need to maintain an ideal IT set-up for your company.

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Strategic Decision-Making

A business with good IT governance aligns its IT department with the company’s goals and objectives. Put in simple terms, this means knowing what IT hardware and software you need to succeed and acquiring the needed IT tools in advance so you have what it takes to stay ahead of the competition.

Staying in Step with Industry Regulations

The importance of adhering to local, state, and federal regulations governing your industry cannot be overstated. Good IT governance ensures your IT set-up makes it easy for you to adhere to industry regulations while at the same time providing efficient, effective service to your customers.

IT Training for Staff Members

Ongoing tech training gives your employees the skills needed to work with new technology that will keep your business moving forward. IT also helps to protect your business from hacks, as recent stats show that more than one-third of all breaches are caused by human error. Even the best security protocols, top-tier technology, and name-brand anti-malware programs can’t fully protect your company unless your employees know how to adhere to cybersecurity best practices and have the training needed to deal with the aftermath of a data breach or malware attack.

Efficient Report Creation

One of the many benefits of a good IT set-up is that you can use it to generate reports based on multiple factors. Would you like to find out what products/services your audience wants at any given point in time? Do you need to see how many times people visit your site before making a purchase, or discover exactly what people are doing before abandoning an online shopping cart? Using IT to its fullest potential will enable you to generate detailed reports so you can see how to improve.

Ongoing IT Monitoring

Creating an ideal IT set-up for your company is only one aspect of good IT governance. You then need to monitor your set-up to prevent problems and breaches. Ongoing monitoring helps to prevent downtime, address issues before they become complex problems, and keep your network optimized to meet your current and future needs.

Why You Need Professional Help

It’s not easy to create a good IT governance plan, especially if you’re not tech-savvy and/or are busy managing other important aspects of your business. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it all on your own. A good IT managed service provider can help you assess your current IT set-up and create a plan to improve it in order to boost your company’s business. What is more, IT managed services can offer the practical assistance you need to make your IT governance plan a reality. Such assistance includes:

  • Cybersecurity tools and training sessions for employees
  • A disaster recovery plan tailored to suit your exact needs
  • Industry regulation compliance services
  • Cutting-edge IT hardware at rock-bottom prices
  • 24/7 IT network monitoring and support

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