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Internal IT Team Need Backup?

Does Your Internal IT Team Need Backup?

Sometimes, the ability to know when you need help saves the day. While it’s good to have a deep bench of experts, appreciating the fact that they may require assistance at some point is equally useful.

However, as much competitive as your in-house IT team is, they must, at one point, feel that they are limited in scope or inadequate inexperience. It happens to the best of IT experts – and doesn’t mean they are bogus or inept. It’s just that IT is such a broad concept with prolifically evolving dynamics. IT trends keep emerging and disappearing. Honestly, it may be too much a task for the few in-house staff in your IT department to keep up with all these changes.

It’s understandable how sometimes asking for help can be difficult. You have to admit that you are overwhelmed or lack knowledge in a particular field. Is it a sign of weakness? No. The most successful organizations appreciate the importance of defining their limitations and outsourcing help.

The same concept applies to IT management and support. The good thing about backup is that it works hand-in-hand with the team that you already have.

Internal IT Team Need Backup

How Does Backing Up Your IT Team Help Solve The Dilemma Of In-house vs. Outsourced IT Management?

The rapport that you have created with your IT staff over these years is not something that you can easily let go of. You have seen some of them get married and have their first kids. Maybe you were even the best man at that wedding. Simply disbanding the team and going full outsource management is not something you are ready to do.

But that’s beside the point. You particularly like them because they understand your organization’s details, relate to your customers, and IT needs. They are not offering their services purely for money; they genuinely identify with your aspirations. You fear that it may take forever for an outsourced team to blend with your frameworks this much. However, there is a problem – the employees do not seem to have the right level of subject-matter expertise needed by your networks. Of course, it wasn’t like this from the beginning. It’s just that your business grew, but the IT department did not grow fast enough to meet your changing needs. To be fair, sometimes they are good enough. But when your traffic is at the peak, they are a little overwhelmed – maybe a little is an understatement.

On the flip side, you are very sure that outsourcing will efficiently solve these performance issues. The external support team is better staffed and has top-tier technology. But, you have to forgo the windfalls you relish from your in-house unit.

The longstanding dilemma of outsourcing and insourcing does not seem to end today or tomorrow.

What if I showed you a way to outsource without disbanding your existing internal department? Well, that’s what you get when you opt for backing up your IT team.

How Do You Know That Your In-house IT Team Needs Backup?

  • If you have outgrown the IT team: As your organization evolves as fast as it does, your IT needs are equally changing. It’s only natural that your support requirements will be more than the IT team can provide at some point. However, this is not reason enough to do away with the entire team. With the right amount of backup from a service provider, you might be surprised at how efficient your staff can be.
  • If the IT team is overwhelmed: This is usually the primary indicator that you need an external backup for your IT team.
    1. How Do You Know When Your Experts Are Overwhelmed?
      • They are forced to cover for your firm’s inadequacy of talents by extending their shifts.
      • Do your IT specialists work at night or during the weekends?
      • Are they entitled to routine vacations like your other employees?

An overwhelmed IT team starts missing on crucial but straightforward operations such as backing up your data or instituting patches. It is reduced into a break/fix unit that only reacts to complications once they occur. In any case, they have so much to do that there is no time to devise proactive measures. Does this put your networks in any danger? Yes, you never know how hard the next complication will hit. In case you didn’t know, you need at least $ 1.67 million to mitigate a cyberattack.

The risk of working with an overwhelmed team is not worth it. Outsource backup to help with the functions that require highly specialized expertise. The external unit can also be assigned involving tasks that consume too much of your staff’s time. This frees your employees to stay alert and concentrate on more business-centered operations.

  • When You Are Deploying New Technologies That the Team Is Not Experienced Handling: There is always something new in IT. However, not every emerging trend is the next cloud or applies to your business. With their experience, an outsourced backup team will help you identify what is right for you. You can also leverage their expertise to deploy these technologies cost-effectively and maintain them.

Are There Any Benefits To Backing Up Your Internal IT Team?


For starters, it allows you to access better technologies and competitive experts at your convenience. You are not trapped in a long term engagement; you have the discretion to seek backup just when necessary.

It creates more time for your in-house IT specialists to optimize strategic-level functions. With the backup team taking time-consuming routine responsibilities off their task lists, they have more time to plan for its scalability. What’s more? Help to devise and implement these strategies is always just a call away.

Is There Anything Else You Need to Know Before Backing up Your IT Team? Not every IT support company is experienced in offering backup services. Get yourself a service provider with a proven track record in helping other clients back up their internal teams.

If you have any queries regarding backup for in-house IT teams, you can always reach out to us for clarification.

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