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Are Your Internal IT Staff Firefighters?

Are Your Internal IT Staff Firefighters?

Wildfires continue to spread around the world, even in places that have rarely burned before. Those who work in the fields of cybersecurity and information technology cannot help but see a likeness. Like the areas burned and destroyed by scorching fires, the digital landscape cybersecurity and IT experts work hard to protect is also extensive and vulnerable.

The world’s digital landscape is also susceptible to human error, where even one honest mistake can wreak havoc on an entire business. There are so many parallels around us that we can’t help but see them. Another one that stands out is the lack of firefighters. As the wildfires get worse, so do firefighter shortages. In the cybersecurity industry, there is also a shortage of ”firefighters”. Firefighters who fight actual fires can receive help from volunteer firefighters and other firefighters from across the globe, but the cybersecurity industry is not made up of this type of framework.

However, this does not mean that your IT staff firefighters cannot call upon relief when the IT fire is getting out of hand. When it comes to cybersecurity, the IT industry can learn many things from firefighters. Though IT firefighters are responsible for putting out online threats and firefighters fight fires, there are challenges in both roles. Members of your IT staff should be active firefighters, responding to online threats proactively and reactively.

Malicious actors are using advanced and sophisticated methods to exploit networks of all sizes. It can be difficult for your IT staff firefighters to see the bigger picture, especially when threats can come from any direction. Establishing a strong cybersecurity framework requires the role of experts who will respond to incidents before major damage occurs.

Due to the rising cyberthreats and cyberattacks on many businesses and organizations, data security against unwanted intrusion is a top concern for many. Regardless of the size of your business or organization, cybersecurity is one of the biggest challenges it will face. The impact of a security threat can be devastating.

Investing in Cybersecurity & IT Support

Your important and sensitive data should be kept private and it should always be secured. Some of the biggest risks to workplace devices are data loss, information theft, identify theft, corruption, etc. Many businesses and organizations have the resources and financial capacity to manage cybersecurity in-house. For others, this can be challenging and expensive to manage internally. 4BIS.COM advocates businesses look into aspects like the advisory services of a Virtual CISO and incident response training.

Outsourcing to Cybersecurity Experts

If your business chooses to outsource to cybersecurity experts, you will get to experience advantages that should not be ignored:

A team of skilled professionals:

  • Less time and expense will be placed into an onboarding process
  • Access to cybersecurity experts who will be available for immediate response
  • Cybersecurity experts are aware of the latest cybersecurity threats and will have the required security tools to combat those threats

Improved incident response teams:

  • Your incident response times will be improved because cybersecurity experts will monitor your networks and systems in real-time.
  • A managed detection and response platform (MDR) will allow the cybersecurity experts to gain full insight into what is taking place
  • There will be no need to constantly monitor and review logs

Threat intelligence:

  • Threat intelligence platforms used by cybersecurity experts will allow you to gain a full view of your business or organization’s cybersecurity profile
  • Threats and risks will be quickly mitigated before they become data breaches

Cost Savings

Many businesses and organizations are often not able to afford the expense of their cybersecurity monitoring team. Thankfully, some providers offer affordable options for cybersecurity services, which could result in significant savings. When you outsource your business or organization’s cybersecurity services, you will not have to hire full-time staff, which means you will not have to worry about paying the large salary they would expect to receive.

Adhering to Compliance Regulations

It does not matter which compliance regulation your business or organization is required to follow, your business or organization is likely required to maintain an adequate log of events that take place on your network. Some businesses and organizations will use Security Information and Event Management tools, but the tools will not always be used properly.

If you have a Security Information and Event Management tool, cybersecurity specialists can monitor and manage the tool, which will give your business or organization a better chance of identifying any risks and vulnerabilities. Cybersecurity experts will provide you with the information you need to protect your sensitive and confidential data at all times, regardless of the compliance regulations and standards you have to follow.

As a business leader, more attention needs to be given to cybersecurity, especially given the current state of the digital landscape. An investment in cybersecurity is highly strategic, and it will certainly be worth the investment. Your business or organization can pay more attention to its key business operations by outsourcing cybersecurity services to a trusted partner. When you outsource your cybersecurity services to an external partner, you will not have to worry about the burden or pressure of running your business operations.

Are you confident that your internal IT staff firefighters to solve even the most complex security issues? In many cases, the members of your IT team who are responsible for managing and maintaining your security are not cybersecurity experts.

When you outsource cybersecurity services, including cybersecurity monitoring, you will have a team of cybersecurity experts who know what it takes to maintain and monitor a network. When you partner with 4BIS.COM, our cybersecurity experts will do more than alert you when there is a cybersecurity threat; we will also work with your IT firefighters and offer guidance on how to prevent any future issues.

When you trust the complex and sensitive details of your cybersecurity foundation to cybersecurity experts, you will have the services of a team that has been professionally trained and are more than capable of solving security issues.

4BIS.COM offers internal IT departments support and expertise, in addition to advice, tools, and knowledge risk management. Contact us today for more information.


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