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Free Video Conferencing Technology is Here

Free Video Conferencing Technology is Here as 3CX Support in Cincinnati Expands.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses everywhere have had to transfer their workforce to remote positions to stay competitive. This has been a tough adjustment for a lot of companies, as many of their employees had to be supplied with the necessary technology to work effectively from home. Fortunately, businesses in Cincinnati have a bit of an advantage in that regard. 3CX support in Cincinnati has expanded, allowing enterprises to enjoy free video conferencing technology.


What Is 3CX?

3CX is one of the leaders around the world when it comes to video conferencing using VoIP and unified communications technology. Using its systems, businesses all around the globe can communicate effectively with workers located anywhere across the world. Telco costs and travel time have hampered business for quite some time, and with the pandemic forcing people to stay home, even communication with local employees can be strained. 3CX offers a solution.

There are several benefits to using 3CX technology for your business, but one of the most important is convenience. 3CX technology is flexible, making it compatible with a variety of phones and help-desk systems. It can also be installed on a variety of platforms, whether you want it on a Windows computer or in the cloud. Extensions can be added as well. There’s even a mobile video conferencing app that lets users communicate using their smartphones. This can be particularly useful if an employee lacks the necessary technology at home for a video conference using their desktop PC.

Three Months Free

In the wake of COVID-19 putting people to work remotely, 3CX has expanded its services for businesses and e-learning in Cincinnati. Any business can register for a free standard license for three years and enjoy a bolstered 100 available seats for three months. Educational institutions can also register for a pro license for a year that comes with 250 available seats for three months.

Keep in mind, however, that this three months free is only available to entities that use 3CX for business and educational purposes rather than personal use. Those who just use WebMeeting for personal use won’t be eligible. If you qualify, however, you can enjoy the three months of free increased participants no matter what kind of license you opt for when registering.

Benefits of Using 3CX

If you implement 3CX in your business, you can enjoy a wide variety of benefits. In addition to facilitating communication with hundreds of people all in remote locations, the nature of the conferences is fairly inclusive as well. Collaboration tools are available in abundance with features like screen sharing, meeting recording, and remote control. You can even conduct polls through the system, which is useful when you need input from a hundred or more people.

3CX operates with customer satisfaction in mind before all else, which is particularly useful for Cincinnati businesses. During the pandemic, it’s essential that companies save money whenever they can, and having this solution for communication is vital in not only protecting the company budget but also alleviating the anxiety that remote workers tend to feel when they become increasingly isolated. Plus, normal aspects of business like continued learning in skilled fields is much easier with accessible widespread video conferencing.


At 4BIS.COM, we’re a proud partner of 3CX and are happy to offer their entire line of products, including this three-month-free deal, to all our clients.¬†Contact us¬†today to learn more about 3CX support in Cincinnati.


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