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5 Ways to Prevent Ransomware in Cincinnati

5 Ways to Prevent Ransomware in Cincinnati

There is a great debate on the overall cost of a ransomware attack. When you Google the term “the cost of ransomware”, you’ll get a long list. However, one thing that cybersecurity experts and industry pundit can agree on is that ransomware is a threat for businesses of all sizes. It doesn’t care if you are a one-million-dollar business or a global corporation, healthcare organization, school, or government office. Ransomware impacts all. No matter what business you have, you are a target for ransomware attacks. Don’t procrastinate. It is important to take action now. Here are some tactics you can use to prevent ransomware in Cincinnati.

1. Educate your employees on threats or ransomware

Employees need to be educated on ways to avoid ransomware attacks, how to spot the ransomware, and the websites they should avoid. Employees are becoming smart with the changes in technology. They can go as far as creating websites to get information from employees. Make sure your employees are aware of the ransomware cases. Here are few things you should tell your employees.

  • They should think before clicking — malicious attackers always find a way to exploit vulnerabilities. The attackers always send email messages with attachments and once the files have been opened they begin their exploitation. Users need to exercise caution about the emails they open.
  • Test the company’s vulnerability — Even when you have advanced network protection, attackers can use creative ways to reach their targets. You can send simulations on the various risks and show your employees how they can eliminate the risk.
  • Get with the program — you may not know when one of your employees has paid the ransom to avoid the embarrassment of being the victim. You should have a program in place to allow your employees to know how to proceed if they have been infected.

2. Invest in the right cybersecurity solutions

Technological advancements are increasing by the day and companies must safeguard their data. Cybercrime accounts for US$400 billion annually in the world. You should invest in safeguarding your company against cyber attacks. One reason why you should invest in cybersecurity solutions is that it boosts customer trust. When you have a trustworthy cybersecurity system, it helps your company in customer acquisition. You’ll be guaranteed that your organization’s private information will be protected.

3. Make business continuity a priority

Building a successful business takes years of hard work and long hours. You’ll be devastated when you lose everything in the blink of an eye.  You don’t want that to happen. Therefore, you should equip your business with proper security solutions. In your business continuity planning, you should have cybersecurity disasters to be ready for any emergency. You should have up-to-date business continuity planning focused on cybersecurity.

4. Have the right outsourced IT company

There are new companies that can help your business deal with cybersecurity no matter its size. Outsourcing IT solutions for your company enables you to detect problems in your system early. The company allows you to minimize data breaches.

5. Backup data regularly

Backing data makes it easy to restore your system to its previous state. There should not be any access to the data from another network. By doing that, you’ll avoid paying the ransom since your data will be properly backed up.

The above tips will help in preventing ransomware attacks. Keep in mind that when it comes to ransomware, there is no one-size fit. You need to have a strategy that works for your business. It only takes one click on an email to take down your business. Invest in cybersecurity for your business as soon as possible, contact us today.


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