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12 Benefits of Cloud Computing

12 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been in use for more than two decades. Businesses have continued to reap big with improved efficiency, cost-effective solutions, and a competitive edge that cloud computing offers them.

Studies by International Data Group show that more than 81% of businesses use one or more cloud computing-based solutions. However, about 8% of companies are yet to implement any cloud-based IT solutions. They probably do not understand the benefits of cloud computing. Let us explore these benefits here:

1. Cost Saving

Most cloud computing solutions operate on a pay-as-you-go basis. This gives businesses the flexibility of paying for only the services they need. For instance, you only pay for the data storage space that you need. You can scale up or down depending on your business needs. This saves your company money since you will not buy solutions you do not need.

The companies also save from increased effectiveness of their business processes that result in better customer satisfaction, increased productivity, and profitability. Organizations also benefit from pay-as-you-go cloud computing platforms, helping them to reduce their cost of operation.

2. Freedom and Flexibility

Cloud computing helps businesses increase their bandwidth quickly when the demand for storage and speedy data processing arises. This saves them from the complex and costly upgrade of IT systems to accommodate more need for data processing and storage. Many businesses cite this as their reasons for moving their operations to cloud-based solutions.

Cloud computing also helps business owners operate more efficiently. Cloud-based solutions are faster, leaving the users with more time to dedicate on other business activities. Besides, your organization can collaborate with tech partners, like 4BiS.Com, to help you select and implement IT solutions that meet your business needs.

3. Increased Accessibility

You can access the files you store on your cloud-based storage from anywhere and at any time. This is excellent for organizations with remote teams. The remote teams can access, edit and share information without the hindrance of time and location.

Organizations that use cloud computing offer more flex-time to their employees since they can keep in touch with the company office and work from home. Reports indicate that such employees enjoy more job satisfaction, and the organizations are likely to increase their cloud computing use by about 24%.

Cloud computing is compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones. Statistics show that there are more than 2.6 billion smartphone users globally. Cloud computing is a perfect way of connecting with bigger audiences and sharing information more effectively.

4. Security

Cybersecurity is a concern for most companies. However, cloud-computing hosts implement several layers of cybersecurity to keep client’s data safe from cybercriminals.

Besides, as an organization, you have cybersecurity solutions you can implement to increase the security of your data and systems. They include training your employees to know how to avoid exposing themselves and the company systems to cyberattacks.

5. Effective Communication and Collaboration

Your employees will share information seamlessly regardless of the time of day and location. They can work on projects jointly, even if they are in different stations. Some cloud-based platforms enable them to work on the same files and view edits from other teammates in real-time.

6. Insight

The digital ear is characterized by effective sharing and accessibility of information. This is helping business owners make more insightful decisions.

They can collaborate, share ideas with other players, and learn about industry best practices to help them determine their direction they will take their companies. In addition, they can get precise analytics to inform their decisions.

7. Better Data Protection

Physical data storage platforms and devices are prone to stealing and malicious damage. You may also lose the data if your systems get infected with malware and viruses.

If this happens, your company may experience losses that you may not recover from. But when you store and secure your data on cloud platforms, you bar malicious intruders from accessing, misusing, or damaging it.

8. Automatic Software Updates

With cloud-based solutions, you will not have to wait for interruptive scheduled system upgrades. Cloud solutions auto-update in the background. Your work will not be interrupted.

9. Quality Control

If you are using non-cloud computing, you may be familiar with frequent inconsistent and poor quality reporting. This may be because of human errors and hurried non-standardized processes. This is different with cloud computing as it eliminates human errors, standardizes procedures, and gives consistently accurate reports.

10. Disaster Recovery

Systems downtimes may cause you to lose productivity, time, and revenue. The collapse of the system may cause prolonged interruptions, and you may not recover all the data. Cloud computing helps you prevent this by reducing your downtime frequency. Also, you can recover more data from your cloud storage than when you store it in physical devices and platforms.

11. Competitive Edge

Statistics show that 77% of organizations that implement cloud-based solutions have a competitive edge over their competitors. Companies that implement cloud solutions before their competitors have more time to learn and master the new platforms before the competitors think of implementing them. In most cases, the competitors will have a hard time playing catch-up when they finally implement the solutions.

Organizations also get a competitive edge since they can earn customer loyalty before the competitors implement similar solutions. By the time the competitors start using the platform, you will have established your base of loyal customers.

12. Sustainability

Cloud platforms reduce the need for physical events and products like physical files, hardware, and filing furniture. Cloud storage also cuts down on paperwork, significantly contributing to reducing the demand for natural resources.

Cloud computing also reduces carbon emissions. As data centers reduce, carbon emissions will decline since ore firms are adopting cleaner cloud data storage.

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