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10 Microsoft Outlook Training Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

10 Microsoft Outlook Training Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss

Microsoft Outlook has been around since July 31, 2012, first launched as Hotmail on July 4, 1996. It is now one of the most popular email hosts for businesses and employees spend an incredible amount of time using it. Today, we’re looking at 10 time-saving Microsoft Outlook training tips to save you valuable time that could be better spent doing more important tasks.


1. Rules

If you implement one Microsoft Outlook training tip to save you time, it should be taking advantage of the Rules function. Rules can be created easily by right-clicking on a message in an email folder, such as your inbox, and selecting Rules. Rules can also be found in the home tab. Regardless of how you get there, you have the option to create a suggested rule or create your own.

2. Favorite Folders

Favorite folders are also incredible time-savers. It can take precious time to navigate to your favorite folders. However, you can save yourself time by dragging and dropping your favorite folders into your Favorites folder. You can also right-click your favorite folder and click Show in Favorites.

3. Convert Email to a Task

Stop using your inbox as your to-do list. This clutters your inbox and wastes time. Another great time-saving tip is to convert your emails into tasks by left-clicking and dragging it to the Tasks button located in the bottom-left corner of your inbox. The details of the email are automatically included in the task information. You just have to select a deadline for it.

4. Convert Email to an Appointment

To convert an email into an appointment, you can left-click the email and drag it into your calendar folder. You can also right-drag an email to your calendar and create an appointment with the email as an attachment or choose from one of the other options right-dragging provides you with. You also have the option to convert an email into a meeting. This can be accomplished by adding attendees to the appointment you created or selecting Meeting on the Home tab’s Respond group.

5. Read Aloud

Read Aloud is an incredible time-saving Microsoft Outlook tip. To use this function, select File, then Options, then Ease of Access. Check the Show Read Aloud checkbox found under the Application Display Options. Then, select a message for Outlook to read to you, select Read Aloud from the Home menu and listen to your email at your convenience.

6. Dictation

If you are subscribed to Microsoft 365 and have Outlook on a Windows or Mac desktop you can use Dictation. To take advantage of this incredible time-saver, start a new email, click on the Message button and then select the Dictate icon. When the function starts listening, move your cursor to the subject line and start talking. When you’re ready to dictate the body of the email, simply move your cursor to the body of the email. Make sure you dictate your punctuations clearly and proofread before you send the email.

7. Delay Delivery

Setting a delayed delivery is a great way to save time and check tasks off of your to-do list. To take advantage of this time-saver, find the Tags group in the ribbon and select the More Options arrow. Under Delivery Options, you will see a checkbox that says “Do not deliver before.” Use the boxes on the same line to indicate the delivery date and time you feel is appropriate.

This is a great tool to use when you are answering emails in the middle of the night or on the weekend but you want to be respectful of the recipient’s time. You can schedule the email for a more appropriate time, be respectful of their time and check the item off of your to-do list.

8. Quick Steps

Microsoft Outlook provides several Quick Step options. You can choose preset Quick Steps or customize them if they don’t quite do what you need them to do. You can also create your own Quick Steps and set hotkeys to run the Quick Steps. If you don’t like a pre-set Quick Step, delete it.

9. Quick Parts

Whether you’re replying to a message or writing a new message, Quick Parts may be one of the biggest time-savers offered by Microsoft Outlook. Use this feature to save words or words and formatting when you use the same sentences repeatedly. You can also create categories for your Quick Parts so you can easily find the right sentences for the right email recipient.

10. Quick Access Toolbar

The Quick Access Toolbar is one of the easiest ways to save time when using Microsoft Outlook, but it often goes unnoticed.  This toolbar is located in the upper-left corner of the title bar. You can add commands to the Quick Access Toolbar by clicking on the tab or group with the command you want to add, right-clicking on it, and selecting Add to Quick Access Toolbar. You can also add commands that aren’t on the ribbon by clicking Customize the Quick Access Toolbar, selecting More Commands, clicking on Commands Not in the Ribbon, finding the desired command, and clicking Add.


There are many ways to save time when using Microsoft Outlook for business. If you or your team need more time-saving Microsoft Outlook tips, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 4BIS.COM. We are more than happy to help improve the efficiency of your workplace.


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