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Structured Cabling Solutions

The Heart of Your Productivity. Structured Cabling Solutions in Cincinnati by 4BIS.COM.

Untangle the Complexities of IT with Structured Cabling Solutions

Does your server room look like a box of cables? Disorganized cabling structures make it harder to locate the wires you need to manage, and it puts your server room at risk. From tripping over loose cords to just looking like a plain eyesore, your cabling system needs a refresh.

At 4BIS.COM, Inc., we understand how important a properly planned and executed computing infrastructure is to the success of your business. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy IT technicians are known in the Ohio area for providing thorough structured cabling solutions. We clean up your server room and other cable-heavy spaces to minimize cords installed and lower risks related to poorly-kept cords – including fire hazards, combined public and private networks and downtime.


Structured Cabling Solutions - IT specialist doing cabling solutions

Our Structured Cabling Solutions:

  • Minimize Downtime
  • Reduce Costs
  • Isolate Cable Problems
  • Increase Scalability
  • Provide Faster Installations
  • Extend Life of Hardware

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