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Tips to Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe Against Cybercrime

Tips to Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe Against Cybercrime

Zoom’s Rapid Increase in Users Makes It An Appealing Target for Hackers… So How Do You Stay Safe? Here Are Our Tips…


Zoom, a video conferencing software, has seen a drastic increase in users – from business professionals holding meetings to students learning from their professors to housebound parents keeping their kids connected with their friends. But unfortunately, it’s not all positive. Cybercriminals are also drawn to the video conferencing software due to the influx of users over the past few weeks. Zoom is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to stay connected right now as it allows for:

  • Communication between up to 1,000 participants who can get together with features like video chat, screen sharing, private messaging, and more.
  • Four tiers of pricing starting with a free version that offers 40-minute video conference calls at a time.
  • Instant or scheduled meetings to allow for recurring check-ins or spur-of-the-moment follow-ups.

The coronavirus pandemic is teaching us new ways to live, work, and connect, despite social distancing and shelter-in-place requirements. Technology is becoming more critical than ever before, including video conferencing software. Zoom, as helpful as it is, needs to be considered as yet another entry way for hackers into the corporate network.

More Than 1,700 New Domains Were Registered Including the Word “Zoom” Since the Beginning of the Year…

According to recent studies, there have been over 1,700 domains registered including the word “zoom” since the beginning of the year. A majority of those were created in the past couple of weeks alone. Why? In the simplest terms, cybercriminals are jumping at the opportunity to exploit a widely-used program – the same thing they’ve always done. But now, it’s more evident than ever as millions of business professionals transition to remote work.

Primarily, hackers are registering domains in the hopes that unsuspecting victims will click on them to download the video conferencing software. But in reality, there is no video conferencing software other than malicious content being downloaded. This gives hackers entry into the corporate or home network – allowing them to view all sensitive data being accessed or stored because the strict cybersecurity standards they usually have to bypass aren’t present.

Here’s Our Tips to Keep Your Zoom Meetings Safe Against Cybercrime…

Keep Login Credentials Safe

Your login credentials should be treated like any other sensitive information or login credentials. Don’t share them with friends or family and don’t post them on social media or send them via email. Use a strong password made of 12 or more characters that incorporate letters, symbols, and numbers.

Password Protect Your Meetings

The most reliable way to minimize the risk of unauthorized access is requiring a password upon entry to any meeting. Talk to your team and make sure they’re aware that ALL meetings set up should require a password to join. This can be done in the user settings for instant meetings or when you’re booking a scheduled meeting.

Enable H.323 and SIP Encryption

Encryption can be required for H.323 and SIP devices joining meetings. However, keep in mind, this isn’t enabled by default. Instead, users must set it up to keep the conference room connector safer against unauthorized access. This option is available to be configured at the account level, group or user level.

Be Aware of Phony Links

As mentioned above, be aware of phony links out there and make sure any link you’re clicking, whether you’re downloading the video conferencing software or you’re joining a meeting, has “” in it. You don’t want to end up with malware on your system because you overlooked the URL.

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